Saturday, January 31, 2004

Catholic University Continuing to Use Cell Lines from Aborted Babies - Cardinal Approves

"However, it turns out that Georgetown has decided to allow its researchers to continue to use aborted fetal cell lines and that the Cardinal, at least according to his spokesman, is just fine with that. Of the eighteen researchers at Georgetown involved in the unethical research, fourteen will continue with it while four have switched over to stem cell lines which did not originate from aborted babies."

I think we should go down and have a little talk with the good Cardinal. I know some people.

Pro-Life Democrats Keep Fighting Despite Presidential Candidates

"Pro-life Democrats always seem to be fighting an uphill battle. That all of the Democratic presidential candidates are pro-abortion -- including one, Dennis Kucinich, who flip-flopped on abortion shortly before declaring his candidacy -- only makes matters worse.
But that hasn't stopped Democrats for Life of America from being a pro-life voice in the wilderness and rallying pro-life party faithful to keep up the good fight."

43% of the Democratic party is pro-life and they can't get a single pro-life candidate in the primaries. Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

Go bunnies!

"LUCKY Simon Steggall's life was saved by his pet RABBIT after he slumped into a diabetic coma."

Now this is a truly heroic rabbit. And we eat them! So sad.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Newspaper blues

So I was reading the campus newspaper, and this scientist made a speach to the effect that, while creationism and intelligent design had scientists in favor of them, their teaching in public schools is a violation of religious freedom by presupposing a deity. He also said that while he didn't think evolution was that different, it was so important to biology that it should be taught anyway. Excuse me while I comment.

1.) Evolution also presupposes a deity, because evolution doesn't answer the question "Where did all this stuff come from" nor does it deal with abiogenesis (sp?) in any meaningful way. Darwin wasn't an evolutionist, he was a philisophical materialist that pushed his ideas into "science". Why it's ok for Darwin to expound philisophical materialism and for this religion to be taught in schools, but any other type of philosophy is unscientific remains unaddressed, probably because there isn't a good answer.

2.) There are intelligent design people that don't in fact thing that a deity had anything to do with human origins. The professor in this article apparently didn't do any real research into the movement, because if he had, instead of spouting, he would have found a certain discoverer of DNA was one of it's adherants, and he thought humanity and life on earth was designed by aliens. Why can't we teach it in schools if we say aliens did it?

3.) If he acknowledges that Darwinian evolution is indeed philisophical in it's origins, why does he make an exception because it's important? I think that learning Catholic history is vastly more important to your life, but I don't go pushing it on curriculums. Why does his judgement of what's important matter more?

4.) Why do we allow philosophy to be discussed in public schools? Philosophy invariably gets tied up in religion, and we wouldn't want THAT bloody menace roaming the halls. It's so much better in France where you can't even go to school if you're a Muslim girl or a Jewish boy. They have it down pat.

The Passion of the dopes

"Mel Gibson is a Catholic Traditionalist, an offshoot of Catholicism that rejected the papacy

Uh, no, Cintra, the offshoot of Catholicism that rejected the papacy is called Protestantism. Traditionalists don't reject 'the papacy.' Next time, try putting the Encarta CD inside the computer. It doesn't work well stuck to your forehead."

This is, how do you say in your language, LOL worthy. The Anglican whatever he is offended that Gibson thinks that the Gospels are true and that they're about sin. He also thinks a five year old in chemo suffers more than Christ did. I donno, but I doubt many five year olds in chemo would rather bleed blood for three hours, get the shit kicked out of them by Roman soldiers, be stripped naked, forced to carry their body weight in wood for a couple of miles through the city, crucified, and then have their sides' slashed open by a spear just to add insult to injury. I mean, they can probably go through that if they want, but it does seem to me that most prefer chemo. Not sure why though. It's more suffering.


Looking at the post below about how I didn't get any econ credit (Don't you love it?), it just occurred to me that she doesn't use any capital letters in the entire email. Isn't that a little strange? Do I want these people educating me?

Sorbiano on not physically expressing love, as I have put it

"No post in a web log can hope to answer these issues fully. But there are some points worthy of consideration. The view that life-long sexual abstinence is harmful is particularly appealing in a culture of personal isolation. In highly individualistic Western cultures, the extended family, the village, the neighborhood, and the social penumbra of the local church have dramatically withered."

Indeed, the question of what sort of sexual behavior is appropriate is on of hte greatest questions of human existance, for it touches on the very manner through which we are created, though of course there are plenty of scientists working to eliminate that. But it remains that procreation and sexuality are at the heart of natural life, just as, perhaps, the Eucharist is at the center of a Catholic's supernatural life. Indeed, properly understood sexuality is also one of the most enlightening and fulfilling aspects of the life of a Catholic, whether while dating, in married life, or living celibately.

Or as Dave from NYU put it at the Newman/Students for Life meeting last night, "Sex is great!" Props to Jon for his honesty and cutting to the point, he introduced a measure of seriousness that was somewhat lacking and very necessary.

I'd like to thank Jess for giving me the link to Persona Humana, which is a fascinating document on sexual sins. Check it out.

Infanticide is justifiable in some cases, says ethics professor

"Professor John Harris, a member of the British Medical Association's ethics committee, said that it was not 'plausible to think that there is any moral change that occurs during the journey down the birth canal' - suggesting that there was no moral difference between aborting a foetus and killing a baby."

At last, we have a little honesty in this discussion about abortion. The British Medical Association later says that they are his private views, not those of the BMA. Notice, of course, that the BMA doesn't say he was doing anything bad.

Sweet Bliss

TW (4:30:47 PM): so.....are we getting together on saturday for the jew and two catholics orgy?
TW (4:30:49 PM): ;-)
Squach (4:31:29 PM): oh yeah

David Kay's remarks

"So they kept the scientists and they kept the technology, but they came
to what I think is a fair conclusion: Why keep stockpiles of weapons that
are vulnerable to inspectors when you've lost your delivery capability?
Wait till you have your delivery capability, and then it's a relatively
short order. We have documentary evidence and testimony that Saddam and
Uday and Qusay asked in both 2000 and 2001 how long it would take to
restart production of mustard and of VX nerve gas.

And that gets to your [Senator Pryor's] earlier, very good question: Why
did they change the strategy? They changed to the things that we were not
particularly good at unmasking, that would allow them to restart the
program as soon as they got rid of us."

I think he's been somewhat misreported, so I'll post this.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

JWR Update

"Dearest readers:

A few moments ago, my heart sank.

Going through my e-mail, I learned that one of this publication's
periodic contributors, Chezi Goldberg, who dedicated his life to
working with "at risk" teens and who was originally from Toronto and
living in Jerusalem, was killed in today's bus bombing.

But what is so eerie was not his death --- that stung and I'm still
feeling sick over it. And I mean SICK! What stung were the near
prophetic words in one of his essays.

It's the middle of the day. I understand many subscribers are busy.
But PLEASE take a moment and read these essays.

And then forward them to somebody you know --- and ask them to do
the same.

It's important that his words move over the web no less that the
jokes we always forward!

I'm CERTAIN that after reading the two articles you will agree with

PLEASE do it for Chezi. Do it for all of us. PLEASE

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief" : Stossel on the Top 10 Media-Fed Myths

"According to presidential candidate Al Sharpton, 'The top one percent in this country pays very much less than ten percent, very much less than five percent.'
Sharpton said he thinks the wealthy should pay 'somewhere around 15 percent.'
But that's so silly because -- and I bet most of you don't know this -- the IRS says the richest 1 percent of taxpayers already pay 34 percent of all income taxes. Twice what Sharpton wanted them to pay. "

Can i just say that this ABC article is the best that I've read in a long time. Did you know you don't get colds from jumping in puddles! So cool.

Burke's challenge

"The 'crossing the line' charge is silly. In acting on his authority as a bishop to discipline members of his flock, Bishop Burke is exercising his own constitutional right to the free exercise of religion; he is not depriving others of their rights. No one is compelled by law to accept his authority. But Bishop Burke has every right to exercise his spiritual authority over anyone who chooses to accept it. There is a name for such people: They are called 'Catholics.'"

WorldNetDaily: Teens held for smashing 'decadent' SUVs

"Capt. Rick Brass says Heinrichs 'talks about how [SUVs] are environmentally unfriendly [and] decadent,' the paper reported. The officer says the teenager has a 'personal hatred' for sport utility vehicles."

OK. Too many people have SUVs and it's bad for the environment. But what does that have to do with attacking them? Don't we live in a civilized society where we can debate these things and come to a conclusion?

Oh yeah. No. We're ruled by fear, emotion, and judicial fiat. Almost forgot there for a second.

WorldNetDaily: Gibson adding pro-Jewish ending to 'Passion'?

"While attending a recent screening of the film in Dallas, says best-selling author, minister and frequent WorldNetDaily columnist Michael D. Evans, Gibson decided on the spot to proactively discourage anti-Semitism by including after the movie's final fade-to-black a statement Evans suggested."

I like it. I doubt it'll quiet anyone, but I like it.

This Is My Body

"After a year of marriage, my husband and I decided to start actively trying to have a child. I wanted one so badly, I ached. We prayed and planned, charted and hoped. The day I surprised my husband with a positive pregnancy test, I couldn't remember being happier. I bought books on pregnancy, started taking vitamins and looked forward to a blissful nine months.

Then I got sick. Really sick."

Love those pregnancies? A great article about mothers and Christ.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Dems call Republican's prayer 'hateful'

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know your word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values."

Good prayer.

Kerry and communion

"The emergence of Senator John Kerry as a presidential candidate raises crucial questions about how bishops may react, seeing that he presents himself both as a staunchly pro-choice politician and as a practicing Catholic. The issue is of immediate moment, for it is a time when bishops across the United States -- including on Kerry's home turf of Boston -- have been issuing statements or even canonical declarations warning those who favor abortion to abstain from the Eucharist."

He needs to be kicked out of Communion before we get consumed in a fireball.

Angels in Polant

"When Operation Reinhard began in 1942 -- the deportation to death camps of the Warsaw ghetto Jews -- Sendler and other people gathered in the Zegota, or Council for Aid to Jews, which began to take children out clandestinely from the ghetto to entrust them to Christian couples who posed as their parents."

Ecce Homo -- I blog myself

Seriously folks, I got a suggestion to recolor the blog, black letters and greyish background (see here. So, comment and tell me what you think. Many thanks to Mr. Sean, who commented! I will endeavour to place a links page on here, as soon as I finish reading Confessions for Lit Hum. Read, later.

Catholic Analysis on those lovely Democrats

"As the media covers and analyzes the Democratic primary results from New Hampshire (the come-from-behind Kerry victory, the disappointed but calm Dean, the humiliated Clark, and the sunny populist Edwards), many of us are seeing a parallel universe from the outside, a universe in which the most fundamental human rights issue, the right to life, is not only ignored but utterly rejected. Not one Democratic candidate sees a contradiction between human rights and abortion, between the privilege and power of adults and the vulnerability and weakness of unborn or partially born children. "

The Democrats, a long time ago, were the pro-life and pro-family party, if memory serves. How have they abandoned the most helpless of family members while claiming to advocate for the family? Something is very wrong in Dodge, to mix a metphor.

Media Largely Ignored March for Life, Provided Biased Abortion Coverage

"While one media outlet, ABC News, has already been criticized for its biased coverage of the 2004 March for Life, a comprehensive analysis by a media watchdog group shows that the national media largely ignored the 2003 pro-life march as well."

100,000 people in Washington yelling and screaming and you hear nary a peep from the media. They don't cover news, they make news.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Don't you love it?

i am sorry to say that you will not get any credit towards your economics
degree - the intro to micro course is considered as 1/2 of principles
which you retook here - as for the math for econ course that material is
covered in the math sequence as taught in the math department so you need
to take the calc sequence to cover your math courses

good luck
susan elmes"

So, I take more challenging courses at a better Economics department that contain material that's not even taught at this level at this school, and they decide that it doesn't even count. Tuition is $30,000, figure 1/4 of that for econ, $7500 dollars down the drain. Lovely. This school gets better and better.

Shea on Franken

"Reason #9095468456644509 the Left is brain-dead. 'Protecting free speech' = 'inflicting physical violence on people who heckle millionaires'."

Read the article. Then read his comment. LOL.

Good News is No News on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

"Scientists have experimented using human umbilical cord blood stem cells in mice and creating human blood vessels that might restore eyesight to patients with diabetes-related blindness. Some diabetes patients have been treated with pancreatic tissue from cadavers, and 80 percent have achieved insulin independence. Muscle tissue has been regenerated in mice with muscular dystrophy. Even spinal cords have been regenerated using gene therapy. All of this happened with adult stem cells.
So there was plenty of good news to report. But the Louisville Courier-Journal's article on the symposium downplayed this, giving very little space to what adult stem cell research has accomplished. On the other hand, cloning advocates' dubious claims about what they think they might someday be able to do were reported in detail. Smith adds, 'In a curious journalistic approach, cloning supporters from the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville were quoted extensively rebutting our wholly unreported remarks . . . '"

Adult stem cells. Good stuff. Look into them when you get a chance. No one dies and they're effective. Win-win!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Old Oligarch on ABC

"I purchased two screeds against the Church's teaching on birth control and other sexual matters today: Uta Ranke-Heinemann's Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven, and John T. Noonan, Jr.'s Contraception: A History of Its Treatment by the Catholic Theologians and Canonists.

The purpose? Both are filled with lots of great data, albeit assembled by authors who seek to obscure or oppose the doctrine of the Church. Ranke-Heinemann's book positively drips with vitriol, from the first page onward, where we learn that (a) She was the first lay woman to qualify as a university lecturer in the field of Catholic theology in Germany in 1969, and (b) Shortly thereafter, she lost her chair of theology because of heretical teaching about Our Lady's virginity."

Ah, the sweet smell of heresy. One of my favorite bloggers, though I'd dare say that he doesn't know this, looks at my favorite of topics, sex, and my favorite of topics about sex, Catholic sexual teaching. Also talks about the problems it's abandonment is causing for my good friends the Protestants. cough cough.

Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome

"Bishop Anders Arborelius, leader of what he calls 'a very hopeful little group of Catholics in Sweden,' shared with ZENIT the reasons for his hope: an increasing interest among young people in vocations, a society that is more open to spiritual life, and a growing acknowledgment of the Church in ecumenical and secular settings."

It's true. I even saw a picture of an OD from Sweeden before.

I think the correct expression here is that hope springs eternal. Where people try to secularize hardest, there will be the most devoted adherants of any given faith. Hopefully the signs are looking up for the Sweeds and the Catholics there.

Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome

"John Paul II praised the work of permanent deacons who he says enable the Church to be close to the daily life of many people, including those who have strayed from the faith.

When he met Saturday with a group of visiting French bishops, the Pope noted the constant increase in the number of permanent deacons, most of whom are married.

The Holy Father expressed thanks to the wives and children of deacons for their support to their ministry. And he expressed his appreciation for the deacons who at times 'are in contact with environments that are very removed from the Church.' "

This is a shout out for Deacon Pelligrini! 8th grade CCD, nothing quite like it.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Christian Marriage

"If Jesus were to testify up on Beacon Hill before our legislators about the meaning of marriage, I think he could use the very same words that he used in St. Matthew's Gospel. Listen to him with fresh ears: 'Have you not read that in the beginning God 'made them male and female,' and said, 'for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.'"

People like to say that Jesus would have allowed a lot of things, usually their favorite causes. It would be infinitely more helpful, however, if they actually looked at what he did say before claiming Him for their cause. For those that have adopted the Marcionic position that he has somehow "eliminated" the Law, a position oft advanced by the ECUSA even though he specifically reiterates this point by name, I'd like to quote again:

17 ¶ Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. (DRV)

By the Law and the Prophets he is referring to, of course, two of the three divisions of the Tanakh. Those are kinda key to understanding that whole Gospel thing. Highly recommended reading.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

>bt: Gettin' a MoveOn << Video

Ok, I've never been the biggest of Bush fans, so to speak, but this is just sillyness. I'm telling you this election stuff is bad news.

israel today - New Bishop in Jerusalem is Jewish!

"For the first time since the Apostle James served as bishop of Jerusalem, the Holy City has a Jewish bishop! Benedictine Abbot Jean-Baptiste Gourion was ordained as the new bishop at the Catholic church in Kiryat Ye'arim, above the Israeli Arab village of Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem. "


lgf: Musharraf Details Nuclear Program

Take a look at the Libyan nuclear power details. It's a little scary. I'm glad they decided to give it up, but it makes you wonder who else has been able to secretly develop nukes. . .

Inclusivity and Affirmation

"If we look at the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, we do see something quite inclusive: the call to repentance and conversion. Jesus and his apostles include everyone in that call to conversion: the religious, the non-religious, the chaste, the unchaste, the rich, the poor, the sick, the healthy, the young, the old, the powerless, the powerful, the male, the female, the Jew, the Gentile, the stay-at-home and the prodigal. The passages in the Gospel and in the epistles showing this powerful inclusive call to repentance will automatically come to mind to those who have been reared on the Scriptures. They are too numerous to cite. So, what is inclusive about Christianity? What is radically inclusive is the call to repentance and conversion as initiated by the Precursor, John the Baptist, and carried forth by Jesus and the Apostles. In Christianity, the adjective 'inclusive' modifies the phrase 'call to repentance.' Another way of saying this is to say that God's mercy is 'inclusive,' that His love is 'inclusive.' The danger is that we tend to forget that the biblical witness is that the obstacle to God's mercy and love is our sin. Sin is the great exclusionary force in the world. It excludes us from God's friendship.

To propose that 'inclusive' refers to anything else in a Christian setting is to distort the biblical witness. In the way the term is now commonly used, it means 'non-challenging.' In effect we are saying that if we are 'inclusive,' we will not challenge the behavior of anyone, we will not confront anyone. That says more about our concern with our own personal comfort and self-image than about the Gospel. If that were the type of inclusion preached by Jesus, he would never have been executed."

CA does a rather good investigation of what it means to be included and affirmed in a Catholic community. As usual, there seen to be new things for the old names.

Friday, January 23, 2004

InfoWorld: Standard interconnect approved for network gear

"The specification, based on the emerging PCI Express interconnect for PCs and servers, is designed to make building a networking product more like creating a new computer, with processors and other components from third parties that all can communicate with each other in the same language."

This sounds disturbingly like more stuff for me to buy. Hmm, mammon? I never thought I would be tempted by network equipment. Nothing like bare copper and ceilings to get me going. I guess.


"Bush Continues to Stiff Arm Prolifers

Why? Because he knows he has you and you have nowhere else to go."

I don't like being toyed with.

Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome

"While accepting that the German prelates were in a difficult position given their desire to prevent any escalation of anti-Catholicism, the article poses the question: 'Why the silence of the representatives of the German bishops in matters of racial discrimination?'

Part of the answer to that, claims Civilt� Cattolica, is what the bishops called 'anti-Judaism,' a discrimination not based on race (anti-Semitism) but of a 'popular religious or ideological character.'

While singling out by name the German bishops who 'were probably imbued with an anti-Judaic spirit,' the article contends 'there were many -- even among men of the Church -- who considered discriminatory legislation against the Jews in not such a negative way.'

'In fact, they viewed positively,' the article continues, 'the fact that the new authoritarian government [of Hitler] had limited by law the 'superpower' of the Jews in some activities of vital importance for the nation. Weighing in on such behavior was also a certain traditional anti-Judaism on which European Christian communities had fed for centuries.'"

Looks kind of like here.

South Dakota Mulls Bill Outlawing Abortion -- 01/23/2004

"The Thomas More Law Center, which is providing Rep. McCaulley with legal assistance, said the bill will generate a court battle if it is passed.

But supporters don't see that as a deterrent: 'Roe v. Wade was an exercise of raw judicial power, not based on any reasonable interpretation of the Constitutional text,' said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center.

'The Roe decision carries the same moral implications as the Dredd Scott decision that upheld slavery, by regarding a segment of our population as non-persons. The Court was wrong then, and the court is wrong now,' he said."

And this is Daschle's state?

"Not yet" Jews by choice

"Yisro confronts us, for the first time after the exodus, with a new phenomenon: To be a Jew by choice. And by doing so he confronts all Jews with a major challenge: How to become a Jew by choice even when one have been born in the fold. How to feel the same 'brenn' the burning need to live as a committed Jew as he did."

Boys boys boys

"(Emerson) believed, as most Americans do, that there is in every man a restless desire to better himself, along with an innate desire to transcend unworthy impulses. The modern school of self-esteem, however, sees no need to transcend, no reason to make what Emerson called an 'effort at the perfect' to find out the best and strongest places in one's soul. The modern proponents of self-esteem argue that the undeveloped self, however callow, should be praised as it is. In contrast to Emerson's work, the primitivist ethic of the self-esteem movement promotes not the discovery but the abdication of the self."

A look about what's wrong with boys today. Hey, that's me!

Just Say No

"Although I support the punishment, prosecutors are using the death penalty too often. It is no longer reserved for the worst of the worst, and has, instead, become a garden variety punishment. That means more mistakes and less faith in the fairness of the sentence."

He's obviously a little more in favor of el death penalty than I am, but he seems to be a voice of reason crying out in a politicized debate. Recommended and fair reading.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Did I Leave the Left or Did the Left Leave Me?

"Twenty years ago, I knew who my friends were. Long hair, tye-dyes and bell bottoms were our uniform. I also knew that what we all believed in was right: freedom, peace, love, compassion, and life."

This will be my only blog today in "honor" of Black Thursday.


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Sed Contra: Impact on Kids Unknown Factor in Same Sex Marriages

"The Institute of American Values has picked up a column by Elizabeth Marquardt which asks some pretty under-considered questions, at least in my opinion, in the current same sex marriage debate. Marquardt backs civil unions for self-defined gay and lesbian couples, but holds off on her support of same-sex marriage in part because of what she has found in her research on children of divorce and children who are otherwise being reared in single sex households."

Sed Contra talks. I listen.

The part about the UN language is particularly chilling.

Used car.

Read the description. Read it again.

Thanks to Nora for this . . . whatever it is.

The Protestant Blues

"Message: 2
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:09:24 -0600
From: Richard Leiter
Subject: Re: re - Youth Group Talk

One approach would be to point out one fundamental difference between
the Orthodox/Catholic faith and Protestantism:

Protestantism is purely rational and faith based. Protestant truth is
whatever a person believes it to be. Of course, s/he has the Bible and
various traditions to choose from and to use as guidelines, but it is
all about rational understanding that leads to faith. In protestant
tradition, the sign of a "good" worship service is a good sermon and
the sermon is supposed to lift the congregation to heaven by its
revelation of the truth....

Catholic/Orthodox faiths base their worship and religious practice on
actual experience of God through sacraments. For the Catholic/Orthodox
God has decreed specific practices (prayer, Eucharist, fasting, various
disciplines, etc.) that allow us to actually experience God. It is
from this experience that we then come to understand who God is.

Its sort of a paradox that we experience God first in the belief that
understanding will follow, but the Protestants believe that you need to
understand (study) first in order to experience God.

It is actually very interesting in the context of Judaism which was
highly sacramental. In the Old Testament, God was very clear about how
he wanted us to worship Him. (He never said, "take your bible to a
quiet place and read to worship Me!") When Christ said that He came
not to abolish the law, it is my belief that he was simply saying that
He came to put Himself at the center of all the worship: the focus of
the Sabbath, Passover, etc. Judaism was sacramental and so is the true
Christian faith.

For what its worth,


Reminds me of a story I read once. This Jewish guy was at a monestary to decompress, and the monks noticed that he wasn't recieving at Mass. One of them came up to him while he was working one day and asked him what religion he was b/c of this. He answered Jewish, and the monk said something like "That's a relief, we thought you might be Protestant."

See, it's not just me!

Though, I don't particularly like his reading of the Law comments. But we'll see how that goes.

Arlen Spector -- Foe or Bigger Foe?

"Want a few examples of Sen. Specter's blatant liberalism?
Take a look:

* Specter helped the *Democrats* to "bork" Judge Robert Bork;

* He was the *first* Republican to cross the aisle to vote
for Clinton's "largest tax increase in history";

* He sponsored the "Freedom of Choice Act" which would have
*forced* religious hospitals to perform abortions;

* He sponsored as many *Democrats* for federal judgeships as

* He voted to drastically *reduce* President Bush's tax cut;

* And, he was the *only* GOP Senator to vote against President
Bush's educational voucher initiative in the Washington, D.C.
school district."

I can't say he's a complete idiot, but I can say I think the world would be a safer place if he was out in Idaho farming potatoes or something. The tax things look ok, but the rest, I donno, this guy's a little loonie. Vote against him if you get a chance.

Bob Lewis of Infoworld

"Random thought:

Most people don't peel the onion very far (a phrase I stole from one of
R. A. Lafferty's books), which is to say they don't see very far beneath
the surface of things, if at all. If you need evidence, read the letters
to the editor in your local newspaper and see how often these missives
are nothing more than cut-and-paste restatements of something that came
out of one of the political parties, or else from the broadcast
punditocracy, with no more thought added than you'd get from a parrot
who learned the same meaningless phrases.

Then there's the opposite vice: There comes a time in onion-peeling when
there's no onion left.

- Bob"

InfoWorld: Novell CEO outlines challenges to Linux adoption

"I expect some of you are here to see me because you've never seen anybody from Novell before,' Novell Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Messman quipped at the start of his keynote address Wednesday, opening this week's LinuxWorld show, in New York. "

Ah, Novell fighting back. I really hope they win and kick everyone's butt. I love those underdogs.

Peter or James?

An interesting look about that oh so lovely chapter of Acts where Ss. James and Peter both toss in their two cents, so to speak, about a question and how it points to Peter's papacy. Recommended reading.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

InfoWorld: IBM plans to add 15,000 new jobs worldwide: January 20, 2004: By : Platforms

IBM is always a company of the future. If only I had some stock with them. Well I have a computer with OS/2 on it at any rate and that's good enough for now.

Latin's good for something

Thanks to TheFox for today's word study

>>crapulent (KRAP-yuh-luhnt) adjective
> Sick from excessive drinking or eating.
>[From Late Latin crapulentus (very drunk), from Latin crapula

>from Greek kraipal (hangover, drunkenness).]
> "A doctor examining one of his more crapulent patients said to him,
> 'Your body is a temple and your congregation is too large.'"
> Dale Turner; Guarding Our Health Lets Us Better Serve in Role God
> Intended; The Seattle Times; Apr 26, 2003.
> "1975: Ever in search of new dining experiences, Vancouverites get
> crapulent on goblets of beer and fat drumsticks at the Mediaeval Inn."
> Liz Hodgson; The Curve Theme Restaurants; Vancouver Sun (Canada); Feb
> 26, 2000.
>This week's theme: words that aren't what they appear to be.

Home after School

"Sociologists talk of a new life stage tucked between adolescence and adulthood: men and women in their 20s lingering in college and postponing marriage as they fortify their resumes and amass savings beneath the roofs of their parents. They are leery of student-loan debt and prohibitive housing costs, drawn to the undeniable allure of free laundry and home cooking."

Hey, I'm Italian. I can pull it off.

Silent No More

To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor
Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-220-0095, for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign
News Advisory:
WHAT: Women who regret their abortions to speak in Washington, D.C.
WHEN: Jan. 22, 2004 at 5 p.m. at the Supreme Court
WHO: Guests include actress, model, author, Jennifer O'Neill, Silent No More Awareness's national spokesperson
-- Actress/singer Melba Moore
-- Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This is one of numerous events being held on January 22 nationwide by the Silent No More Awareness Campaign ( ).
The women will stand holding signs that say "I Regret My Abortion" and will speak about their abortion experience.
The Campaign, a joint project of Priests for Life and NOEL seeks to raise awareness about the harm abortion does to women and their families, and about the many healing programs available. It is coordinated by Janet Morana, associate director of Priests for Life, and Georgette Forney, executive director of NOEL.
For more information, visit, or email: To schedule interviews contact Jerry Horn at 540-220-0095

Those darn' Mexicans

"But those willing to place part of the blame for Sept. 11 on the illegals that Bush would like to place within the reach of our immigration bureaucracy are confusing the issue. As much as we have a right to be afraid of fundamentalists who want to destroy America, keeping out the millions who want to be part of the American dream won't make us safer.

If anything, the rigidity of our current system has helped create a chaotic situation that can potentially allow terrorists into our country. The notion that we can prevent future attacks by making it hard on poor people who come here to do the jobs that Americans are uninterested in doing is farcical. Current law has drastically restricted legal immigration to this country. And in the best tradition of market economics, this has created a situation where the law is routinely flouted."

Marketly speaking, if there are jobs in this country that people aren't willing or able to take, people will come from somewhere to take them, regardless of the law or of what we'd like to think about it. So to me, at least, it makes sense to help them and make sure that they don't get abused by these lovely corporations. I like Maddox's idea the best personally.

Israeli Rabbis Ask Pope to Establish Day of Dialogue With Jews

"The Day of Dialogue with the Jews has been observed in Italy for years; it was held last Saturday, on the eve of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. On the Day of Dialogue, Jews and Catholics meet for conferences, visits to synagogues, or gatherings to get to know one another better.

The rabbis expressed the wish that, on the occasion of the eighth centenary of the death of the great philosopher and theologian Moses Maimonides, the Holy See loan some of the philosopher's precious manuscripts that are kept in the Vatican Library, so that they can be exhibited in Israel."

Now this looks like a step in the right direction to me. Harmony is rarely a bad thing.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Sed Contra: Case Filed For Polygamous Marriage

"I know some folks have sniffed and scoffed when I (among others) have pointed out how slippery a slope it is upon which we stand nowadays, but then the evidence just continues to mount. Now three adults in Utah are suing to force the State to allow them to marry as a trio - and I suppose to remarry should they decide to become a quartet or quintet."

And they said Lawrence wasn't about this kind of stuff.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Rident stolidi verba latina

"Verbum sapienti: The clickable event titles will take you to pages with more information about individual events of various kinds. Some of the information about seminars, however, is presented in Latin only, as all seminars are aimed at university instructors, graduate students, high school teachers, and students with a minimum of four years of high-school Latin. "

A site for people who speak Latin advocating the teaching of Latin classes in Latin. They really understand me. I should marry them.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Lovely Pro-Genocide Art Graces Sweeden, Land of Opportunity

"'I felt that I was standing in front of a horror, I felt that I was standing in front of an exhibit that, while it was in an historic and big museum in the heart of Europe, was glorifying genocide. I was standing before an exhibit calling for genocide, praising the genocide of me, you, my brothers and sisters. I pulled the plug on the three spotlights and plunged the exhibit into darkness. I think one of the spotlights fell into water.'
Mazel was asked to leave, but refused. The creators of the exhibit are musician Dror Feiler, an Israeli who has lived in Sweden since 1973, and his Swedish wife Gunilla Skold Feiler. Feiler composed the music that accompanied the exhibit, and his wife created the visuals.
Feiler, holding his saxophone, stood in front of the crowd, saying Mazel was trying to censor art, and asked the museum authorities to have him removed. "

First of all, is this guy dense? Who makes art that's in favor of genocide? I guess Sweeden's in favor of killing people who are inconvenient. Not like anyone would have guessed that based on their current policies . . .

Secondly, how come if you make an art exhibit that encourages Muslims to kill Jews, it's ok, but if you make a movie that doesn't encourage Catholics to kill Jews, it's a problem?

Ah, great world we live in.


"So now I have to decide who I am going to endorse all over again. Dean's a Man of the People, but he's a little too weak on taxation, vowing only to repeal Bush's silly tax cuts. I'm impressed by Kucinich's progressive 'Tax the Shit Out of Everyone' platform, but his name rhymes with 'spinach' and we already have one vegetable in the White House. I like Gephardt's gusto, but a man without eyebrows cannot be trusted. Kerry has promise, but he'll never get anywhere unless he starts touting his military service. Joe Lieberman is out of the question - he's too far to the right, and probably a shill for Bush. That leaves Edwards (barf) and Wesley Clark.

I have to admit, I wasn't too sure about Clark at first. There were rumors that he may have supported the war on Iraq, but I suspect that the press is holding him accountable for positions he held two weeks ago purely out of spite. By dredging up everything he said yesterday and comparing them to what he said today, the Republicans simply prove how afraid of him they are. So he's a little inconsistent...that just means he's flexible."


Friday, January 16, 2004

Sed Contra: A Reply To Ms. Hingston

A fascinating piece of work about Cardinal Pell's sister's letter about the Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons, which I really wish more people would read.

I really do look forward to reading Sed Contra

The Third Commandment blues

I've been trying to figure out what happened between 30 and now that the sabbatical observances dropped off and were replaced entirely w/ Sunday observances, strict in their own way but also different. So questions:

1)Is the Sabbath, as currently observed, revealed, theology, or both?
2)Is the Church's choice of Sunday as a replacement revealed, theology, or both? That is, can another day be chosen.
3)How is work defined, and why does it differ?

I have an answer for two. Theology, and it can be replaced. People do it often with the permission of their pastors if, say, they are firemen and have to work Saturday into Sunday shifts. I'm not sure what they do in Israel about things like that, but I'd be interested to know.

Of course, no one reads this so I probably won't get many answers :-).

Tested new coat in Arctic conditions

I ventured outside in my new coat tonight in the -2 degree weather with windchills down to -17. Verdict: Coat and warming system performs admirably. I have three problems, however. Firstly, It is difficult to talk on the phone while totally bundled up, something that will need to be rectified with a custom mic job. Secondly, my glasses fog up. I need either wipers or some way to protect my eyes and the glasses from fog. Thirdly, there's about a foot of my legs above the boot but below the coat that needs some sort of reinforcement. Perhaps flannel, perhaps long johns. At any rate, the Squach winter apparatus is getting ready to roll.

Rash of infantkillings?

"How could they do it? How do 40-year-olds - not misguided teens but full grown adults - take their babies and throw them away to die? Where do people learn these kinds of values? What allows someone to come to the conclusion that it is acceptable to throw away a defenseless human being or to kill a newborn baby just because you don't want it? "

He investigates the recent spate of infant killings. The statistics are rather frightening. Mr Singer at work I trust.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

UN:1 Reality:0

"Last year, just two months prior to the House's first passage of the bill, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights explicitly demanded Nepal to legalize abortion. Although the UN claims it does not promote abortions in countries where the practice is against the law, on August 31, 2001, it did just that."

Dem groups appoints new religion czar

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

Philosopher's religion

Robert Royal reviews a book by Haldane that investigates the problems that modern philosophers have with religion, and why their datasets are rather biased in favor of the results that they wish they were seeing. My favorite part of the review:

"Yet as a philosopher, Haldane notices these problems merely as a prelude to his central task: “The most important question that an intelligent person can pursue in considering the issue of religion is not whether people believe in it, but whether they should.” And in a gentle, genial, engaging, but relentless way, he presses forward, brilliantly recasting common ideas in a number of areas that most people believe debunk religion or make belief difficult at best."

I'll have to purchase this book. An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Religion, by John Haldane. I don't know if he's a theist or a Christian or a tree worshipper, but it certainly sounds intersting. I just have to cut down on my four foot backlog of books.

Evil and Theism

"Indeed, the presence of evil has been used, time and again, as a kind of trump card thrown down in debate against theists in general and design proponents in particular as the unanswerable objection, a lock-tight logical proof of atheism. In slightly expanded form, the logic runs as follows: If God exists, He is all-powerful and benevolent. If He is all powerful and benevolent, He wouldn't allow _____. But _____ exists; therefore, God does not exist."

A most fascinating article about the backdoor theism that tends to creep into atheism everywhere. Similar arguments apply when atheists turn out to be environmentalists. Gets a little Catholic at the end, but it's Crisis magazine, recommended anywho.

Just say no to MAP

"Advocates like the Greensboro News & Record say, "... [T]he morning-after
pill, if taken within 72 hours, prevents pregnancy after intercourse," yet
admits, "If fertilization should possibly occur, it keeps the fertilized
egg from being implanted in the uterus. That is the medical definition of

That may be the social liberal definition of pregnancy, but any medical
dictionary will define pregnancy as beginning at conception. Once an egg
is fertilized, which can occur as early as 15 minutes after intercourse,
it contains all 46 chromosomes that shape a human being. Inside are all
the complex genetic details that make up a person's hair, eye color, sex,
skin tone and height. These details remain the same throughout a person's
life, except for location (inside or outside the womb). Thus, if the
morning-after pill is taken once the egg is fertilized, destroying a human
life, it's no longer a contraceptive but an abortifacient drug."

Reminds me of the time when I heard that partial birth abortion wasn't a real medical term. I was rather surprised, then, to find it in Merriam Webster's medical dictionary. Check it out here, where I think you'll find that it is a real medical term. It's congressional proponents, however, would like you to think that it's not.

Don't you love the internet?

Elections and Polling

"IOWA, January 14, 2004 ( - It appears Democratic
candidates cannot accuse each other of much without their accusations
rebounding with vengeance. In a speech in Iowa today, Congressman Richard
Gephardt harshly criticized Howard Dean as inconsistent, stating, "To me,
there is no room for the cynical politics of manufactured anger and false
conviction. I believe in standing for something, and I think all of you
do too."

In response, the National Right to Life Committee released a copy of a
letter written by Gephardt in 1984, in which Gephardt wrote, "As you know,
I have always been supportive of pro-life legislation. I intend to remain
steadfast on this issue. In the past, I have been against federal funding
for abortion. I also feel that foreign aid should be denied to private
organizations which perform abortions or promote them. I believe that the
life of the unborn should be protected at all costs."

Gephardt, at one time a co-sponsor of a Human Life Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, recently vowed not to consider appointing to the Supreme
Court any jurist who is not committed to the precedent of Roe v. Wade, and
even says he no longer supports the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act."

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

RSS Feed

I have an RSS feed. I don't think it works yet. We'll see. I feel so modern.

A Thought

"Throughout the partial birth abortion debate, through all the distortions, all the untruths, all the back and forth between both sides, one very compelling inage remained, I think, in the minds of many Americans. That image was of a very sick infant destined to die shortly after birth and the anguished parents who thought they had no choice but ot end their child's life with a partial birth abortion. This image became the fault line of the whole debate, the so called 'hard cases' argument used by its supporters, the supposed reason for sanctioning this procedure.

Gabriel, I wish we coludl take that image -- the image of agoniced paretns compelled to chose virtual infanticide -- and replace it with the image we knew.

When you were born and lived for two hours, something simple but profound happened. Your Dady ad I became the parntes of a newborn baby and welcomed you into our family.

That was all.

But that was everything."

-- Letters to Gabriel
Karen Garver Santorum

"I call heaven and earth today to witness against you. I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the Lord, your God, heeding his voice, and holidng fast to him"
The fifth book of Moses, commonly called Deuteronomy, 30:19-20

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I am going to kill whoever's spamming my AHC mailing list.


open book: Sister Jennifer

"Gov. Jennifer Granholm last week publicly challenged the Christian faith of legislators who favored spending cuts to balance the state budget, saying, 'That's when I question whether somebody is really living out the faith that they profess.'
Forgive us the obvious: A professed Catholic who vetoes protecting partially born babies from having their brains sucked out has no business lecturing others about 'living out the faith.'"


"Dan Brown begins his novel with a page entitled 'FACT', a page which contains assertions that the Priory of Sion is real, as is Opus Dei, and then concludes with 'All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.' Now, Brown does not specifically include 'historical events' in that list, but when you take into account the effect he is trying to produce as a writer, the frequent references to real books by real authors, some scholarly, some not even close, but purportedly scholarly, the effect is clear - that Brown has woven a suspense tale around facts and serious historical theories, leading the uneducated reader to conclude that everything he says about say, Constantine, the Council of Nicaea, Christology and the formation of the Canon are accurate."

An analysis of why it's dangerous to try to present BS as facts and why you should care. Good stuff.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Dateline: Courtrooms?

Bork, meanwhile, told the members of the Catholic Lawyers'
Guild that he fears the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a
decision similar to the SJC's November ruling.

The famously upended Supreme Court nominee said that the
SJC's 4-3 decision would have been "inconceivable" to John
Adams, the architect of the Massachusetts Constitution. He
also said the ruling was based on "arguments that did not
rise above the quality of a late-night philosophy session
in a dormitory."

"We are no longer a government of laws," he said, "but one
of four lawyers wearing robes."


Sadly came across this:

"There are over a thousand different organized Christian religions alone. They just about all seem to profess they are the only 'true Church, and that all the others are near demonic. Assuming that there was one of them that really did happen to get it right, and could manage to maintain this truth for more than a few months, the chance of finding that one, is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack. I suggest that needle may not even be there, so why waste your time searching for someone else to hand you all the answers. Wake up from that long sleep you have been walking through. "

I have not included the link b/c I feel there is little of value at this man's website besides a story of tragedy. He has given up searching for truth because we have done such a good job of hiding it, is the more important point. Started as a Mormon, gave it up and became a pagan with the usual claims of ancient lineage. Bad news, bad news.

He also makes many factual errors, of course. Just because many things claim to be true doesn't mean that they're all false. I can think of a whole lot of theories of how light works that claimed all the other ones were false and it was the one true understanding, but I don't recall scientists throwing up their hands and saying "We'll never know how light works! Let's just give up and agree to disagree!" But that is what he advocates. So sad.

Incidentally, for all the Catholic-bashers out there, it seems like it ain't helpin'. Knock it off, eh?

Ora pro nobis, omnes Sancti.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

EU's insane, read all about it.

"Why is this banana legally curved instead of just crooked?

Because it is the fruit of the finest judicial minds in Europe."

These people seriously have too much time on their hands, not enough common sense to run a general store, let alone a continent, and a rather elevated sense of their own power. They've started to regulate fruit shapes. Must read article.

I got another one for you. What's the most deadly weapon of modern times?

Answer? The jawbone of an ass. 43 million dead so far in this country alone.

BBC chiefs accused of 'double standards' over TV presenter

"The BBC was accused last night of operating double standards over its suspension of Robert Kilroy-Silk for his comments about Arabs while it continues to use a contributor who has called for Israelis to be killed.

Tom Paulin, the poet and Oxford don, has continued to be a regular contributor to BBC2's Newsnight Review arts programme, despite being quoted in an Egyptian newspaper as saying that Jews living in the Israeli-occupied territories were 'Nazis' who should be 'shot dead'."

Saturday, January 10, 2004

David Morrison Tells How He Ordered His Passions With a Life in Christ

"By roughly age 30 I had achieved a lot of what contemporary gay culture said a man could achieve. I had a lover of seven years. I had a good job and was respected by my peers at work. My partner and I owned property together and enjoyed an active sex life. I was openly gay in all quarters of my life. But nonetheless I remained unhappy. With everything I had, life seemed and felt empty.

For a long time I thought the problem lay in something about my life and I tried to change different things to see if they might make a difference.

One day, when I had the house to myself, it popped into my mind to pray and I prayed the classic Skeptic's Prayer: 'Lord, I don't even know if you exist, but if you exist I sure need you in my life.' He came into my life and nothing has been the same since. "

Apparently his book is excellent. I plan to purchase it ASAP.

Quick heads up. Why is it that when the Church says that artificial contraception is intrinsically disordered and an evil, people don't start a fuss, but when the same language is used to describe homosexual sex, which falls under the same "rule" becuase it isn't open to the transmission of life, it's an international affair?


We Need To Talk

A discussion of cloning and such. Direct and to the point. Recommended.

The Biology of Sexual Orientation

"Biological theories of sexual orientation have a long history. Magnus Hirschfeld, the German sexologist and gay-rights pioneer, promoted such theories early in the 20th century. Still, Freudian, behaviorist, and social-constructionist thinking dominated thinking on the topic for most of the century. Only in the 1980s and 1990s did biological ideas re-emerge in a significant way. This re-emergence paralleled a remarkable increase in tolerance and acceptance of gay people in many Western societies. It seems likely that these parallel trends reflected a two-way interaction: increasing acceptance of (and familiarity with) gays fostered a belief in biological theories, and vice versa."

Interesting. Doesn't do much for Dean's theology though.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Interesting Headline

"Scientific Experts Agree:
Embryonic Stem Cells
Are Unnecessary for Medical Progress"

Christian Voters Wasting Their Votes on Both Parties

The Stupid Party and the Evil Party? Same diff?

May the Lord have mercy on us

"Another thing the government is not looking into is the idea of using
fetal tissue as a type of fuel. After all oil and coal is a product
of dead plants and animals from many eons ago. While I must admit
that such a way of energy production could cause pollution in high
amounts creating smog how can we justify the lack of energy resources
in the Third world. People die in Russia because they do not have
the proper energy resources. The local abortion clinic could be the
key to every Russian town in Siberia. We need to look into
alternative energy sources and this is the largest source available.
Burning organic matter for a fuel could be a new way to keep energy
sources continual in the Third world and elsewhere."

This 16 year old girl is serious. And she has a whole essay on things like this. Human life is so cheap to her. So cheap.

Lord help us. Please.

To quote Mark Shea, once again proving that I don't belong to an organized religion

"There was no use in demurring any longer. Fr. Golden knew he was cornered, and to his credit, he did the honorable thing. He clearly laid out the recent teaching on contraception. Turns out, he knew all about Paul VI's Humanae Vitae, the Pontifical Council on the Family, etc. After a fair factual presentation, however, he couldn't resist a footnote: 'This teaching hasn't been well-received by Catholics, however. It is going to have to be refined, or changed. This theology is still being written,' Father declared, 'And you couples will have to write it . . .in your bedrooms.' Well, I haven't found any encyclicals on my bed sheets yet, Fr. Golden, but I'll let you know if I do, you Judas."

The Religion Report: 7 January��2004� - Summer series 3: Homosexuality and the churches

"Marcus Borg: Well the bible from that point of view is a divine product, it comes from God, as no other book does. And therefore it tells us how God sees things. And the bible in several places clearly says that homosexual behaviour is wrong, and if we want to set that aside wer'e taking a kind of cafeteria approach to Christianity, where you choose the things you like and reject the things that you don't like. But that would be inconsistent with seeing the bible as the revealed will of God. So what's at stake is: can we trust the bible or not? Both the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly state homosexual behaviour is wrong, they're basically silent on lesbians, by the way, but then it is a book written by men for men in a way.
. . .
I do think that the manifest inclusiveness of Jesus means that he would have accepted homosexuals, I’m confident of that as a scholar who has spent 40 years studying the historical Jesus."

Point 1. Almost whenever the Bible says man, you can put woman. Like, the Bible never says, if memory serves, that women can't kill each other, just men. It's sort of implied.

Point 2. Jesus didn't accept prostitution. He accepted prostitutes, and told them to stop. Of couse He would accept homosexuals. But he wouldn't allow them to continue, any more than he allowed the prostitutes to continue. Bad argument.

Clark: Abortion decision is the mom's alone

"The retired four-star general said he will discern a prospective judge's position on abortion not with a litmus test, but by reading his previous decisions to ensure that the judge has never upset existing judicial precedent."

Because we all know that none of the pro-abortion legislation upset the last couple of thousand of years of judicial precedent. Nor the gay marriage stuff. No, that's exactly in line with seven thousand years of common law . . . yeah. If you keep saying it, you might just believe it one day. You just might.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Comes in sizes zero and smaller

What Famous Leader Are You?


not postmodern
Whether you harbor some vestige of modernist
morality or simply fail to see the irony in
Reality TV, one thing is clear. You are just
Not Postmodern.

What kind of postmodernist are you!?
brought to you by Quizilla

Catholic World News : CFFC seeks to eliminate Pope's pro-life "armada" from Europe

"New York, Jan. 08 ( - The steady drumbeat to eliminate the influence of Christianity from international political affairs continues among radical pro-abortion non-governmental organizations. In its latest report, issued this fall, 'Catholics' for a Free Choice (CFFC) names names, citing dozens of orthodox Catholics active in European politics and culture, including cardinals, members of the European Parliament, journalists, even doctors and pharmacists, whose influence should be purged from the continent political discussion. "

Ah, love those right wing Catholic conspiracies. I guess I'm part of it. They still don't invite me to meetings though.

Seriously, now, why is it that CFFC is antidemocratic all of a sudden? Could it be b/c people are getting fed up with their BS and are actually starting to vote w/ their brains?

Probably not. It's Europe, after all. But that would be tre cool.

Score one for the Burkster

"Archbishop Raymond L. Burke has formally notified Catholic lawmakers in the La Crosse Diocese that they cannot receive Communion if they continue to support procured abortion or euthanasia. The four-paragraph canonical notification, published in the Jan. 8 edition of The Catholic Times, the La Crosse diocesan newspaper, called upon Catholic legislators in the diocese 'to uphold the natural and divine law regarding the inviolable dignity of all human life.' It said, 'To fail to do so is a grave public sin and gives scandal to all the faithful.' "

Cardinal Egan, are you listening? Abp Gregory? Let's get it together people. You're being shown up by a guy from St. Louis.


"Catch that? Dean 1) is not comfortable talking about his religious beliefs, 2) he rarely attends church, 3) he's completely clueless about the Bible and apparently doesn't read it, and 4) doesn't like to let people know about his religious beliefs.

Yep, he just might be Catholic..."

Howie Dean: Junior Theologian

"'From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people.'

Very well then:

From a religious point of view, if God had thought theft is a sin, he would not have created kleptomaniacs."

I'd ask Mark Shea to marry me, but we're both opposed to that. Damn.

The Degredation of Women?

"It is a topic most of us, including this writer, would rather not consider. But it is a topic that can no longer honestly be denied: the meltdown of femininity in today's America."

People usually find me and my Catholic sensibilities strange. When they hear me talk about abortion, they think I'm a right-wing lunatic. When they hear me talk about most other issues, say periods, they think i'm a libertine lunatic. I, however, would like to think I'm just working from a different assumption that leads logically and naturally to my various conclusions. I think Mr Sorbiano has in interesting take. Well worth reading.

You may even understand what I'm smoking.

Candidates Urged to Keep Religion Personal, Not Political -- 01/07/2004

"The ADL's letter said, 'Voters should be encouraged to make their decisions based upon their assessment of the qualifications and political positions of the candidates, not their religiosity.'"

Those could be related, no?


Here's what the Brit's admitted.

School Sex-Ed Policy to "Promote Abstinence Until Marriage as the Expected Standard"

"Commenting on the 'massive' increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies among adolescents in the UK, Dr. Trevor Stammers, a professor in general practice and commentator on sexual health, wrote in the British Medical Journal: 'Contraception as the cornerstone of sexual health promotion for adolescents has manifestly failed. In almost 15 years of general practice I have never seen a single case of unplanned pregnancy resulting from ignorance about or unavailability of contraception.' He cites studies indicating that 'up to 80% of unplanned pregnancies result from failed contraception' and 'data from 1975-91 show a positive correlation between increasing rates of use of condoms at first intercourse and higher rates of teenage conceptions.' He warns that 'oral contraceptives, while providing the greatest protection from unplanned pregnancy, offer no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.'"

The Brits admit it! Now can we get Africa back on the right track?

Another right-wing religious zealot

"True religion affords government its surest support. The
future of this nation depends on the Christian training of
our youth. It is impossible to govern without the Bible."

-- George Washington - CitizenLink - Gollum's Soliloquy

"It's a moment early in the film when Gollum, the shriveled little creature leading Sam and Frodo to Mordor, talks to himself while contemplating his reflection in a stream. Again, though the scene is a technical marvel, it's not the special effects that grabbed me. It's not even the nature of the conversation Gollum has with himself — a tortured exchange pitting whatever shred of goodness is left in him against the grotesque he has become in the wake of his obsession with the ring of the trilogy's title.
No, what continues to haunt me about that scene has less to do with what happens on the screen as with what happened in the theater.
In the screening I attended, packed to the very worst seat in the house, there was no shortage of laughter as this pathetic character, physically and emotionally destroyed by his lust for his 'precious,' sinks into complete and hopeless depravity. It is a heart-wrenching, desperate moment, painfully familiar to those of us who know how it feels to be simultaneously enticed by sin and aware that it distorts us on the inside every bit as much as it distorts Gollum on the outside."

I am a sinner. I'd expect we all are.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sed Contra: Prejudice Against Big Families

"Women in other villiages who objected to having their tubes tied surgically, often in a literal barnyard atmosphere, were called names and berated for their reluctance, called dogs and cats and no better than animals, sometimes by the very medical staff which were operating on sometimes 30 of them in a single day.
And that was only surgery. The drive to make sure people don't have children has involved the U.S. funding women being sterilized by acid burns in Haiti as well. Information about all of this can be found here.
It's hard to puzzle out these attitudes. Dominico asks: Can you imagine walking up to a stranger in a store and telling her that she's had too many kids? These are the same people, by the way, who will fight you tooth and nail to claim that a woman has a right to choose. Choose what? Evidently, they don't have the right to choose life. In their minds, there is only one choice, which isn't a choice at all, and that's abortion."

Birth-rate crisis set to make Jews a minority in Israel

This is a little scary. But I guess it's following historical trends.

Ora pro nobis, sancte Jacob. - CitizenLink - FNIF News - Women Not Aware HPV Can Lead to Cancer

"About 12,000 women are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer, and about a third of them die. And yet many of those at risk for the disease aren't given adequate information about the cause — the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease (STD) rampant among sexually active, single women.
'Almost all the studies show that condoms do not prevent the transmission of the HPV virus, per se," he said. "We have multiple studies, and only one study shows some risk reduction, and that was in prostitutes.'"


Tuesday, January 06, 2004


"Thirteen-year-old Angel has a truly intimate encounter with her eight-year-old sister and later in a threesome with her sister and eleven- year-old brother"

I stopped reading after this.

The Secaucus Peace Plan

"The elders of the group decided that if the Jews are supposed to be a 'light unto the Nations' then they must learn to fit in. They also felt that children must have the heavy load of observance eased or they will move away from their faith. In order to meet their goals, senior members of Opus Vey got together every year to suggest the nuance changes in Torah commandments that will allow Jews to fit in. After the basic ideas were agreed upon by senior members, the individual branches were empowered to determine how they are to be implemented. "

Scary stuff.

Monday, January 05, 2004

The Left on AIDS in Africa

"Indeed, Green's book persuasively argues for making faith-based organizations (FBOs) central to the worldwide assault on HIV/AIDS. Green argues that Western health agencies' largely antagonistic attitude toward religious organizations is counterproductive, particularly in areas in which religious organizations have long been the most influential institutions around. If FBOs oppose condom distributions, let them do what they do (and have done) best: Teach and inspire abstinence and partner fidelity and provide aid and comfort to those who didn't follow those practices and have become afflicted, Green contends."


This guy thinks like I think

"#: 337311 S3/Religious Issues (CIS:JWSFRM)
04-Jan-04 10:54:03
Sb: Torah is truth
Fm: Lazar R. lazar613
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>>I do not think they are Bible critics and certainly not goish as some people here said.<<

Whatever. They are wrong anyway."

Rerum Novarum

Seewald -- "Could you describe this 'strange concensus of modern existence' in greater detail?"

Ratzinger -- "It consists in what I was just alluding to: God doesn't count in man's ethos. Even if He exists, He doesn't have anything to do with us. That is virrtually the universal maxim. He doesn't concern himself with us; we don't concern ourselves with Him. Consequently, the question of eternal life doesn't count either. Responsibility before God and His judgement is replaced with responsibility before history, before humanity. This gives rise to criteria that are definately moral and that can be set forth even with considerable fanaticism, for example, the struggle against overpopulation, which is coupled with the general battle to conserve the biological equilibrium. But at the same time this means that everything is allowed that doesn't compete with these. Because there is no authority to answer to apart from public opinion and it's tribumans (which can be cruel), the motivational power of these ideals in individual lives is often negligible. The thrust of these ideals tends to benefit more those who are far away rather than those who are nearby. Nere at hand, it is frequently egotism that tends to thrive."

Maddox banned by the UAE!

"Hey Maddox it's your abu-dhabi fan again.
Your site has literally been banned from the united arab emirates. The one
monoply phone company here called Etisalat is the only phone company , it
controls the internet, cell phones, basicly all communcations. This company
restricts certain sites that it finds offending or just unapropriate and i
was checking your site because it's the coolest sight in the universe this
page came up saying it was a blocked site. haha, they block sites for no
reasons, its pathetic, and then all these arab nations bitch about the US
being biased and controlling the american people making them think that all
arabs are terrorist are bad, well here nothign bad ever happens, in the
papers you arent supposed to report accidents, murders, or several rapes
that occur almost everyday, they want the people to think this country is
perfect when it isnt, you can be put in jail just for bad talking the
goverment, or have your phone calls inturrupted when you talking about
certian politcal issues. It sucks here, just be glad your living in america.
Keep going ur site kicks ass, it just sucks now that i cant view it
thanks to fucked up goverments"

Those silly A-Rabs.

Cringly Humor

"Roots Redux Another resolution is to catch up on the e-mail that’s been cluttering my inbox. For instance, last month’s item on L.A. County’s desire to ban the phrase "master/slave" when describing computer hard drives brought forth a flood of alternatives. Suggestions include lawyer/client, lord/serf, government/taxpayer, and my personal favorite, pimp/ho."

Political correctness reaches new heights, but the results are so worth it.

OutreachJudaism - Q&A on Yoma 39b

"With the prophet’s reassuring words before us, we can now understand why the miracle surrounding the transformation of the scarlet ribbon was uniquely connected to the atonement achieved through social justice and brotherly kindness rather than blood atonement. If your sins that are as the scarlet-colored ribbon are to be forgiven and become white, indulge in acts of kindness and put an end to murder and baseless hatred. These precious words fell on deaf ears during the last 40 years of the second Temple."

Hmm . . . I do get the feeling that the good Rabbi is digging his own grave here. Those evangelicals seem to leave him a crack, but I'm not sure he really understands what the sacrifices are all about, nor THE sacrifice. Well, in all fairness the evangelicals don't either, so I'm not sure I blame him. but still fascinating.

Interesting CDF article

"These debates would be less grave were it not a question of human life, a primordial value, which must be protected and promoted. Everyone understands this, although many look for reasons, even against all evidence, to promote the use of abortion. One cannot but be astonished to see a simultaneous increase of unqualified protests against the death penalty and every form of war and the vindication of the liberalization of abortion, either in its entirety or in ever broader indications."

Nice response to the CFFC crowd before they even existed. There's nothing new under the sun, I suppose. Even more enraging b/c it argues from biology and philosophy, not religion.

Or as Cardinal Seper puts it:
" These arguments and others in addition that are heard from varying quarters are not conclusive. It is true that civil law cannot expect to cover the whole field of morality or to punish all faults. No one expects it to do so. It must often tolerate what is in fact a lesser evil, in order to avoid a greater one. One must, however, be attentive to what a change in legislation can represent. Many will take as authorization what is perhaps only the abstention from punishment. Even more, in the present case, this very renunciation seems at the very least to admit that the legislator no longer considers abortion a crime against human life, since murder is still always severely punished. It is true that it is not the task of the law to choose between points of view or to impose one rather than another. But the life of the child takes precedence over all opinions. One cannot invoke freedom of thought to destroy this life."

It's not that the Church doesn't understand the arguments, as has so often been advanced. For if she didn't, this document would be, I think, a lot different. Food for thought. - Republican National Committee - Special Report

"Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie today called on the nine Democrat presidential candidates to repudiate an ad posted on the website comparing President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler."

Adolf Hitler, genocidarch, European aggressor, responsible for the violent overthrow of most of the governments in the world, a war with probably 70 million deaths.

W, responsible for the overthrow of a guy who modeled himself on Uncle Adolf and Uncle Joe. Strange domestic policies. Strong morals.

I can see how obvious the comparison is.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

U.S. Catholic Bishops - Office of General Counsel statement on EC

"Beginning in 1964, proponents of intrauterine devices (IUDs) decided to alter the medical definition of 'conception' to equate it with implantation of the embryo in the womb. This was done so that such devices could be labeled 'contraceptives' even if they were found to act by interfering with implantation."

Don't you love the AMA?

Sed Contra: More On TFP and Georgetown

A man w/ SSA gives his take on the contraversy. Intriguing.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

It's official: France completely devoid of Christians

"We didn't expect the trend to bottom out so quickly, but it's not entirely a surprise,' said census expert Rolf Begamian, who helped oversee the French census. He said it's probably the first time since the early Roman Empire that the number of Christians has fallen to zero.
'That's astonishing,' said president Jacques Chirac in response to the news. 'All the better for us. Christianity reeks of Americanism.' "

Ah yes, a moderate Catholicism, as the NYT put it.

Christian couple maintains abstinence through first two years of marriage

"They have now completed 25 months of marriage without any sexual contact, going about their normal lives, jobs and social calendar with no hint of relational strain.
Sometimes after dinner they will kiss in the kitchen and 'start having bedroom thoughts,' Darla says, but they never fail to pull back. Darla breaks away to spray cool, misted water on her face. Jon eats a whole raw potato to take himself out of the mood."

Hey! Well I guess I could see it happening.

Continent Death: Euthanasia in Europe

"Euthanasia has also entered the pediatric wards, where eugenic infanticide has become common even though babies cannot ask to be killed. According to a 1997 study published in the British medical journal The Lancet, approximately 8 percent of all Dutch infant deaths result from lethal injections. The babies deemed killable are often disabled and thus are thought not to have a 'livable life.' The practice has become so common that 45 percent of neonatologists and 31 percent of pediatricians who responded to Lancet surveys had killed babies. "

Isn't this a great thing? No, there's no slippery slope, I'm sure I'm just exaggerating things. Killing those with disabilities is perfectly acceptable, they don't have any chance at a useful life.

If only someone had killed Helen Keller before she started writing all those books . . .

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