Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Free pass for Islam

This just follows the President’s trend in regards to any visible indicator of him being upset about these acts. Still really he is internally consistent. He says the Islamic state is not Islamic and terrorists who just happen to be Mohammedans are not practicing Islam.

In contrast he feels that the same treatment is not to be afforded to Christians. Apparently “people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ”, but people never committed terrible deeds in the name of Mohammad. Over and over again the President has praised Islam and apparently we have a debt to Islam, but not one to Christendom.
Simple, it's because Christians in Africa and Asia don't have oil.

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There's your first problem

Reading this story about a transgender suicide, I came across this:
But in addition to community, Bryk also found torment on the Internet. At one point, the abuse on 4chan, an anonymous Internet message board, became so bad that she left and started using Reddit instead.
Not to be flippant, but 4chan's primary purpose on the internet is more or less to be a miserable place . . .

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flash Crash and justice

However, given the prevalence of similar and even more morally dubious practices in single-stock world, it is bemusing to say the least that the only entity to be arrested (to Macro Man's knowledge, at least) is a small-fry punter who conveniently happens to be a foreign national. No mention at all has been made of the HFT algos, for whom spamming phony orders and front-running is a (very profitable) way of life.
What a joke.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

That is not logic which may eternal lie . . .

Burroughs apparently used the CTul logic family for some of its mainframes.
CTul was somewhat like ECL ( see my ECL rant ) but yet completely unlike it. It was a strange RTL-like logic with open emitter output. It was incredibly power hungry, a chip left powered up without a hurricanes' worth of cold air blasting over it could get too hot to touch. I don't believe that anybody other than Burroughs ever used this logic family.
I'm not familiar with it, though it does seem to be the dark spawn of Shub-Niggurath. Who knew that the Necronomicon contained descriptions of electronic circuits?

Here's a joke. Do you know what a Cthulu cookbook is called?

The Necronomnomnomicon.

I've done enough for one day.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Priests getting yelled at for being Catholic. By their bishops.

I am at a loss, therefore, to understand why Vincent Cardinal Nichols seems to chastise priests who signed the letter for their allegedly “conducting [a] dialogue, between a priest and his bishop … through the press.” The priests’ letter is a statement of Catholic belief, not an opening gambit in a negotiation; it is addressed to a journal editor, and through him to lay and clerical public, not to a particular prelate.
Someone impeach this guy, or send him to Australia, or whatever we do with crazy bishops.

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Happy Easter everyone!

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, alleluia.

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