Friday, August 18, 2017

No more nuts

SP’s Nuts & Candy, the store at 166 Church that you probably know as We Are Nuts About Nuts, is closing at the end of July. Word has quietly been going around, and now owner Michael Yeo has posted a sign in the window. He told me a couple of months ago that the landlord didn’t seem to want him to renew, and he had no interest in trying to relocate.
I went there when I worked in the financial district and thought it was excellent. Alas, probably another bank replacing it.

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Friday, August 04, 2017


This is apparently a real thing!
Instead, metamathematics is a quest to be precise about what it is you already believe in, such that we can use ordinary mathematical reasoning about those principles to get to know interesting things about the limits of what one can hope to prove and how different choices of what to take on faith lead to different things you can prove. Or, in other words, the task is to use ordinary mathematical reasoning to build a mathematical model of ordinary mathematical reasoning itself, which we can use to study it.

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