Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Because that would be bad?

As NPR reports:
Orozco says there is a push now in Brazil's Congress, led by powerful evangelical Christian and Catholic congressmen to change the law as it stands. It's called the Unborn Statute, and if passed, it will grant rights to the fetus. Among its controversial articles is one which would force a rapist to provide child support for any offspring of his crime.
I'm not sure why that is controversial?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two reminders about complaining from Abbey-Roads

On priests and laity:
What if St. John Vianney wrote to his Bishop to complain that the people of Ars were resisting his efforts to 'evangelize' them? What if he complained "How many adult Catholics have taken the trouble to have any form of religious education after being confirmed?" What if he stayed in the rectory waiting for adults to come forward for instruction?
And on everyone, everywhere:
“Anyone who complains or grumbles is not perfect, nor even a good Christian." - John of the Cross
Just a friendly reminder not to grumble too much. Though I do love me some grumble cakes.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Simcha Fischer is not happy about pink ribbons

And rightfully so, I think.

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The interests of clinic patients

The most obvious first question raised by the appeal is why the Supreme Court agreed to hear it. The majority that in 2000 protected the interests of clinic patients is gone. The anti-abortion protesters who appealed to the Supreme Court suggested that the Justices strike down the Massachusetts law, or if necessary, reconsider and perhaps overrule Hill v. Colorado.
Well that's the core of the issue, isn't it. What's actually in the interest of clinic patients, reality or isolation from it?

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Are humans inherently sighted?

We are told, though, that biological sex cannot really matter because it doesn’t really exist, at least in the traditionally understood male-female binary. This binary is undermined, even more than by transgender individuals, by intersex and hermaphroditic people who are born with mixed or ambiguous genitalia and/or chromosomal structures. Gender, then, must be an internal, chosen identity—not a collection of macro or micro physical traits.

But does the existence of congenital blindness mean that humans are not sighted creatures? It is not insulting or demeaning to blind persons to say that humans are sighted by nature; it is a fact of our species. Do intersexuality and hermaphroditism mean that humans are not by nature male and female? No; they mean that some people are afflicted with abnormal sexual and reproductive capacities, in a similar way that blind people have abnormal human capacity for sight.


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