Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Download your email!

Otherwise, the government may just take it from you after 6 months.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostess RIP

It seems Hostess will soon be listed on that stock exchange in the sky. I will certainly miss Drakes "fruit" pies. The hearing where they are seeking liquidation is today at 2pm.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rape, abortion, etc

Mark Shea comments on some of the abortion silliness in the last election:

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Communication in a vegetative state

Not so dead after all, perhaps?
Observational assessments of Mr Routley since he responded in the scanner have continued to suggest he is vegetative. Prof Young said medical textbooks would need to be updated to include Prof Owen's techniques.
Thanks to HN for the link.


Social myths about abortion after rape

An interesting LSN article.
A hint, she says, is found in another study of 164 women who had rape pregnancies (conducted for the book Victims and Victors) in which the majority of those who had abortions said it only caused additional problems and the vast majority regretted having abortions.

By contrast, among those who delivered the child, satisfaction was higher and none stated any regret for giving birth.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Prices and supply and power

Cafe Hayek on "gouging":
Prices kept artificially low – prices forcibly kept from reflecting the reality that gasoline and other staple goods are in unusually short supply – discourage the extra efforts required by suppliers in times of natural disasters to bring much-needed inventories to market. And in return for this dampening of efforts to increase supplies, New Jerseyians receive no off-setting benefits.
Prices being a reflection of scarcity, legislating low prices is sort of like legislating that you can't use the information available to you to make rational decisions about the world. But of course, people like such laws because they don't think, and politicians like such laws because, well, let's just provide a link and a quote to that too:
The candidates would surely reject the claim that they are motivated by power, but the premise wields considerable predictive power, which is to say Presidents and aspirants to the White House display a suspiciously consistent tendency to describe the office in terms conducive to enhancing their power.
Such laws serve the dual purpose of making it look like the government is doing something to help people while simultaneously hurting people and making them more dependent on external aid to be provided by, surprise, that same government. A win-win-lose-lose scenario.

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Happy Blogversery to me!

Nine years of nonsense. I look back at my archives and am horrified at my own words. Shouldn't I have been studying for a useful career instead of dredging up articles from obscure corners of the tubes? Too late now. Might as well go for ten. On a side note, where have Z(ed) and Doomed0 gotten themselves off to? They keep promising to post something, but I don't think either of them have been active since 2006.

Also happy birthday to my grandmother. She's been dead for four years now, and she never saw this blog, and probably I forgot to call her on her birthday nine years ago because I was too busy coming up with my first post. Sorry!


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Who edits the editors?

My boss was Taiwanese himself, and delivered this information with a wry tone of bemusement.
Did he now?. I'm not sure how those two words fit together. Let's try that once more.
My boss was Taiwanese himself, and delivered this information with a wry tone of amusement.
Better. And just for fun, let's try another substitution.
My emboss was Taiwanese himself, and delivered this information with a wry tone of bemusement.
That one doesn't make much sense either. No, I guess we shouldn't make random substitutions of similar sounding words into sentences and expect people to figure it out.


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