Monday, June 29, 2015

Pregnant perspectives

I recently read a post to Catholic Newlyweds about how worrying about getting pregnant before you consider yourself ready is the least of your worries. Statistically, it’s far more likely that you will struggle with infertility or miscarriage. In fact, 1 in 3 women will experience a miscarriage through their reproductive life. I’ve heard far too many stories of women who deal with reproductive obstacles. I still have a long span of reproductive life in me, even though conceiving this baby was easy, I don’t consider myself exempt.

During my reversion into Catholicism, and especially as I was looking into NFP (they were simultaneously occurring) I was terrified of becoming pregnant. I fully accepted the modern way of thinking that pregnancy was just about the worst thing that could happen to me. It’s a common 20 something thought. I believe it’s also a common 30 something thought to suddenly fear that not getting pregnant could be the worst thing to happen to you. The modern view of reproducing is very dichotomized. Our ovaries are either turned on or turned off – and the choice is ours. But is it really? I would argue it’s an illusion of choice.

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