Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What it means to love your neighbor

It is right here that we touch the very heart of Christianity. It is right here that we come up against the Cross. It is right here that we prove or disprove the reality of our love for God. It is easy to love our family and friends. It is not hard to love "everybody" in a vague and general sort of way, but to wish well to (and pray for, and be ready to help) that fellow at the next desk who stole your girl, or that woman across the street who told lies about you, or that double-crossing relative who got all of Aunt Minnie's money, or that criminal in the newspaper who raped and killed the six-year-old child - well, it's hard enough to forgive them, let alone love them. But with the divine virtue of charity we can do it; in fact we must do it, or our love for God is a fake and a sham.

The Faith Explained, Leo J. Trese, 2001, p. 134
Happy Lent.

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