Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A law that I agree with on policy grounds, but oppose on legal grounds

The Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. Seems like a home run:
Kiessling is also on the board of directors of Hope After Rape Conception, which is fighting a crucial battle to reform child custody laws. A majority of states have no laws preventing rapists from obtaining custody or visitation of the children conceived through their violence. Absent such laws, a mother choosing life after rape faces the horrifying prospect of an 18-year co-parenting relationship with her rapist. Very understandably, people in that impossible situation are under tremendous pressure to abort.
The RSCCA rewards states that protect survivors from custody claims with federal grant money, which will hopefully speed along the process of getting appropriate legislation enacted in all 50 states.
So they're trying to get Congress to use grant money to prod states to legislate. Bad bad idea. I will probably be writing to my state legislators to support state action on this matter, and to my congressmen to oppose federal action on this matter.

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