Monday, August 25, 2014

Pregnant and unmarried

Keeping the baby. Should you express disapproval? No!
I think the thing to do is affirm what can be affirmed here: the decision to choose life and to love her and her child. If she asks (which she won’t) if you approve of having children out of wedlock, you can tell her the truth: that it’s not so much about Breaking Rules as it is that single motherhood is tough on her and her child, which is why your faith urges marriage. The law was made for man, not man for the law. But lots of moderns, Catholic and non-Catholic, imagine it’s the other way around and fear that God wants to punish our sexual sins for the sake of The Rules. But the truth is the rules are there, not because God wants to punish, but to protect us. Read more:
And I love this comment.
I know of one family where the daughter got pregnant at 16, and their "good, Christian" acquaintances urged an abortion so she could "get on with her life". After the baby was born, the grandfather made a point of carrying the child up to those people and saying, "This is my granddaughter, isn't she wonderful?"

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