Friday, August 22, 2014

Dawkins wants to abort all Down syndrome children

In order to prevent their suffering.
According to Dawkins, the issue of who should be born comes down to a calculation based upon possible suffering. "Yes. Suffering should be avoided. [The abortion] cause[s] no suffering. Reduce suffering wherever you can."
Well Richard, let me clue you in on something, for many more or less normal people, life is suffering. Perhaps we should kill them too? And as the article notes, they don't really suffer much.
Although it is widely believed that people with Down syndrome are doomed to a life of suffering, in one large survey 99% of respondents with Down syndrome said they were "happy." At the same time, 99% percent of parents said they loved their child with Down syndrome, and 97 percent said they were proud of them.
I bet that's better than the average American.

First Things also gets into the game, noting that suffering is often a good.
Suffering is not a moral evil to be avoided. Suffering can have meaning and value. Ask Victor Frankl. Or Mohandas Gandhi. Or Martin Luther King, Jr. Or, if you’re willing, ask my children.
Apparently the author has two children with Down Syndrome.


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