Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unger on children crossing the border illegally

Always a good read.
The population of the US could easily be doubled by such an influx without making a dent in the number of needy people all over the world. It should be obvious that the problems of oppressed people all over the world can't be solved by inviting them to move to the US. The consequences of such an inflow would be devastating to most Americans. The first victims would be those in the lowest income brackets, but the effects would be severe for all but the wealthy.

Advocates of opening our borders seem to ignore the fact that Americans are by no means immune to oppressive conditions. Many millions of Americans live in poverty, and are often menaced or attacked by hoodlums. E.g., the murder rate in Camden, NJ exceeds that of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The kind-hearted people moved by the plight of the children now coming here seem to be forgetting about American children suffering in similar ways.

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