Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rationality and Hobby Lobby

A good obervation:
No doubt egged on by Justice Ginsburg’s own false claim in her dissent that the decision “would deny legions of women who do not hold their employers’ beliefs access to contraceptive coverage,” pro-abortion groups have accused the Court of preventing women from having access to birth control and of giving bosses the power to force their personal beliefs on their women employees. . . . In truth, the Court’s decision does not allow the Green family (Hobby Lobby’s owners) to impose their religious views on anyone, and it does not prevent any woman from obtaining contraception or abortion services. It only holds that an employer is not obligated to pay for those services directly out of their own funds, and then only if the employer is a closely held corporation whose owners have a sincerely held religious objection. That should hardly be controversial.
And some humor:
My favorite: “My Jerk Boss Won’t Pay for My Groceries! I’m Going to Starve!” over at, although a tweet from someone named Sean Davis is certainly a contender: “Get your politics out of my bedroom!” “Not a problem. I’m just going to grab my wallet before I leave.” “The wallet stays, bigot.”
In other words, why is everyone so angry? What if I use my religious beliefs while running my business to start a potato chip factory instead of a more lucrative armaments factory, does that mean I'm imposing my religious beliefs on the local populace and depriving them of the higher salaries they would get by assembling guns? That is probably a non sequitur.

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