Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Winning the pro-life fight requires compassion, not anger

One woman's story:
I'm not saying that every person at the March for Life or any event is capable of rendering harm to a postabortive person, nor has the desire to do so. But, I can say that just about every one of my prolife experiences in the last couple of years has had moments that have triggered the fight or flight endorphins in my brain. The first year I attended the March for Life, there was a gentlemen chaparoning our group, a member of the Knights of Columbus no less. As we were walking he struck up a conversation with some folks behind me and began a very vocal condemnation of women who have abortions with the typical, "they should just say no to sex, keep their legs shut!" His conversation lasted for a good 15 minutes with all of his opinions spouting about women who have an abortions. Granted, he had no idea that a postabortive woman was walking right in front of him. But, what if he had known? What if he hadn't known, but he acted as if he was surrounded by post abortive women anyway? What if at the rally before the March - he heard compassionate words regarding postabortive and those words sunk into his heart and soul?
Read the story of her abortion here.


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