Friday, March 21, 2014

The right not to have anyone disagree with you

And the right to assault them when they do. Academia at its finest.
In essence, Miller-Young told me that she felt “triggered” by the images on the posters. Miller-Young stated that she had been walking through the Arbor to get back to South Hall. Miller-Young said she was approached by people who gave her literature about abortion. Miller-Young said that she found this literature and pictures disturbing. Miller-Young said that she found this material offensive because she teaches about women’s “reproductive rights” and is pregnant. She said an argument ensued about the graphic nature of these images.

Miller-Young said that she situation became “passionate” and that other students in the area were “triggered” in a negative way by the imagery. Miller-Young said that she and others began demanding that the images be taken down. Miller-Young said that the demonstrators refused.

. . . .

Miller-Young also suggested that the group had violated her rights. I asked Miller-Young what right the group had violated. Miller-Young responded, “My personal right to go to work and not be in harm.”
Now I don't think the use of such imagery is a good idea, in the same line of thinking as Mrs. Fisher. That said, I'm rather impressed a college professor would destroy someone else's property at a demonstration and say that the group had violated her rights for disagreeing with her. Perhaps Miller-Young is violating my rights by advocating for a society where humans are disposable, and therefore she should be fired from her job.


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