Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Science and the "Contraception Cases"

They're worried about abortions, not contraception, it seems, and if we can invoke the mysteries of life to justify abortion, why can't I say the same thing to not pay for them?
The government and its amici have at times tried to blur the distinct line of when a human organism begins with semantics about when “pregnancy” begins. Relying on a definition of pregnancy that begins at “implantation,” the government and its amici argue that “emergency contraceptives” are not “abortifacients.”

However, such semantics arguments miss the mark and skirt the scientific facts. When “pregnancy” begins is not the scientific benchmark here; the relevant scientific benchmark is when the life of a human organism begins – and that is undisputedly at fertilization. “Emergency contraceptives” might not end a “pregnancy” under the government’s definition, but they can end the life of a unique human being. What the family businesses conscientiously oppose is not simply the ending of a “pregnancy,” but the ending of a human life itself.

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