Thursday, February 27, 2014

If you have a birth defect of some sort, you're not a person

As LGF goes a bit off the deep end:
Enforced emotional torture / blackmailing of women by requiring doctors to inform them that fetuses with fatal abnormalities can be admitted into special hospice centers.

Now, all these are pretty standard cult-written anti-women attempts at religious control, we've seen them in plenty of other states (although the "yeah, your kid will be born without a brain but we have a hospice center you can put it in until it eventually dies" thing is particularly horrific and new to me), but McClurkin, the "voice votes with gawd" lady, her reasonings are... scary. Even for an anti-women cultist:
Yes, what a horrible thing to do, tell people that their children who will have short lives, once born, can be cared for by the state. It's torture I tell you. Plus, since they will have but short lives, they're not people, but "it"s. Terrifying.

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