Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Real Women's Agenda

As Helen Alvare writes:
It is no longer contestable that women embrace the pro-life label and positions as much or more than men, and that poor women are somewhat more pro-life than wealthier ones. A terrific and quite detailed study issued by the Rand Corporation in cooperation with the Packard, Hewlett, and Rockefeller Foundations, after calling abortion an “enduringly divisive issue” in the American political landscape, reported stable attitudes on abortion over decades. According to their cross tabulations, females survey a few percentage points more pro-life than men. This figure is within the margin of error, but its persistence over decades demonstrates its significance. Also, the less educationally privileged are more pro-life than the privileged by margins of up to 45 percent. And the poor are more pro-life than the wealthy by between 16 and 25 percent.

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