Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Esquire seems confused

They seem quite taken by PF, but not for the right reasons. Referring to the recent reshuffling of the Curia:
This is smiling Pope Francis's declaration of war against the legacies of the institutional theological reactionaries who preceded him in office. Both John Paul II and Benedict salted the world's dioceses with hardbars like Bishop Raymond Burke, guaranteeing that their ideas would plague us long after they died or, in Benedict's case, retired. Francis has wasted no time in rooting out these nasty walking land mines.
And even better, referring to Cardinal Burke:
Let me clear it up for you. Nobody cares what you think any more. John Kerry goes to communion with a clear conscience and you should go minister to lepers for the rest of your career.
I think the problem there is mostly on John Kerry's side, not Cardinal Burke's, and that Pope Francis himself would agree.

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