Monday, November 04, 2013

Being pro-life - is it about being risk-accepting?

I think that we are pathologically terrified of risk and I think that we have this enslavement to our own ideas of respectability, our own ideas of our life plan, our commitments, our existing duties such that something as radically changing as a new life doesn’t fit in with those existing duties. To accept that life would be the irresponsible choice, and that’s the framework from which a lot of people are operating. They see themselves as accepting consequences, as responsible. They have a semblance of a moral framework and we can’t ignore that just because it’s completely the opposite of our own.
Another thing I've been trying to put my finger on. I've noticed that some people I know who are rather secular are so terrified of of the world, of anything being out of their control. It colors how they approach everything else, and I think the stress can't be good.


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