Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prolife roundup

A Finn is getting things going
Earlier this summer Dr. Räsänen caused an uproar in Europe when she used a speech at a Lutheran Church conference to call for a discussion on abortion in her country.

Dr. Räsänen compared abortion to “butchery” and said that animals are better protected under Finnish law than unborn human beings.
And Mrs. Fischer points out that many times ultrasounds that indicate fetal abnormalities are, well, BS, but people abort based on them.
Ever had a prenatal ultrasound? Ever had a false diagnosis based on that ultrasound? In the course of nine pregnancies, I sure have. Doctors have told me the baby’s development was weeks behind gestational age; that there was a life-threatening hematoma forming; that the baby’s organs were forming improperly.


Anyone want to start a blog or website called I’m picturing something very simple: people submit their brief descriptions of why their doctors told them they ought to abort, and then post a picture of the child they decided to give birth to. Here’s what they said; here’s how it turned out.
A fine idea. The comments on her post are also excellent.


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