Thursday, July 11, 2013

In hyperbolic headlines of the day . . .

Our first entry is Texas Republicans Send Women Back to the Dark Ages. Ah yes, I remember medieval Europe well, constant Viking invasions and all abortion clinics needed admitting privileges at local hospitals. Wait until they find out that places that do LASIK have the same requirement. I can see the headline now. "Texas Republicans Send People With Glasses Back to the Dark Ages".

And they "rammed" it through the Texas House with at 98-49 vote. With a margin that big, isn't that just called a vote? I mean, it's a 2-1 margin, that's a supermajority. It's like saying that DOMA was "rammed" through the Senate on an 85–14 vote. Hmm . . .

I think I like Mark Shea's alternative title to the bill better. He calls it the "Make Abortion Charnelhouses Adhere to Minimum Standards of Post-Gosnell Health Code Levels" bill, which seems about right. Also, Simcha Fisher, who is, you know, a woman and all, found an interesting term for men who are up in arms about the bill. Bro-choicers. I guess she hates women too.

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