Monday, July 08, 2013

Atheism of the gaps

I was just thinking about this idea, and then Mark Shea goes and writes an article about it. Action, action, always.
What interests me here is the fact that not only believers commit the fallacy of "I don't understand X, so X must conform to my strongly held a priori beliefs." Atheists can do it too. Case in point, the Shroud of Turin. Only True Believers in the Atheism of the Gaps buy the claim that the image on the right above "reproduces" the image on the left. Anyone with two eyes in their head can see that it doesn't. In fact, nobody has ever reproduced the image. Nobody knows how it was made. And nobody has explained why a medieval forger would happen to have a 13 century old 14 foot cloth full of pollen from the Holy Land laying around and think, "I know! I will use this to make a one-of-a-kind photo negative image that nobody 8 centuries from now will know how to reproduce--just this one time. Oh! And I'll be sure to place the wounds in the wrists and not the hands in contravention to all medieval art, not to mention including details of Nazirite hair styles from the first century and anatomically correct details of Roman flagellation."

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