Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Abortion and disability

It is profoundly human in that sense for women to say, “I would like us humans to use our big brains to master a genuine difference between the sexes: the fact women have babies and men do not.” And much like many cases with disability accommodation, in order for the accommodation to be provided, someone else’s rights must be curtailed. A business owner might prefer to avoid the expense of making his business wheelchair accessible. Heck, he might not even like the handicapped. But his failure to accommodate limits the freedom of disabled people and we as a society have said that in most cases the rights of the business must give way.

The problem in the case of abortion is the fear that you are actually costing people’s lives when you do it. And if we can borrow a little more language from the law of disability accommodation, what the pro-life forces are saying is that at some point after conception and before birth, the fetus becomes a living baby in gestation and therefore the desire for an abortion is an unreasonable request for accommodation.
An interesting perspective indeed. He also ties all of this into gun ownership, an impressive combination.


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