Friday, May 24, 2013

A congressman I can get behind. Well, until he opens his mouth again.

From LGF
We laugh at Texas Gongressmoron Louie Gohmert a lot, because he comes out with so many deliciously stupid remarks. But this story is a reminder that, comical though he may be, Gohmert is also a first class heartless Republican bastard, as he tells a woman who had a medically necessary late term abortion that she should have carried the baby to term -- even though the child had no chance of surviving and would be in constant pain.
Apparently it's heartless to believe that life is worth living, and we make the world a worse place when we kill the weak in pain instead of trying to help them. Or for a slightly different scenario, let's say your one month old gets a disease, and seems quite likely to die in great pain over the next two months. Do you take him to the vet to have her put down? No? But it's medically necessary, the baby will die in pain! Guess I'm heartless to answer no.


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