Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I love Mark Shea's blog

Where else can you read a post on the true meaning of the seamless garment:
A huge number of Christians don’t believe in anything like the grace and mercy of God (except for themselves and for excusable offenses and minor sins). They believe in salvation by law, force, punishment and politics. One of them frankly appeals to the death penalty as an exercise of raw Power. Does Gosnell belong behind bars? Of course. But thirsting for his blood is simple barbaric vengefulness, not justice tempered by mercy.

A lot of the “prolife” movement is simply another front for the culture of death. It doesn’t actually care what the Church teaches. It just cares what the GOP teaches. God bless Robbie George for being a sign of contradiction to the spirit of our bloodthirsty age.
Followed by an advertisement for Cthuloops (just click on it). And of course in the comments you get a Greek Orthodox take on salvation. Which reminds me, I can hardly wait for the Greek festival this year. It's going to be so sweet not having to do homework afterwards.

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