Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Holy Thursday

There's this Why I am a Catholic bit going around. I must agree with the Curt Jester:
When I first saw this question asked today and some of the responses, my own thought came down to the same Because Catholicism is true. This first response in my mind still seemed incomplete to me. Catholicism is true, yet most people and even many Catholics don’t believe all the truths of Catholicism. So for me my real answer is Because of grace and that Catholicism is true.

Also for me the temptation early in my conversion was to assign the source of my conversion to my intellect (such as it is). That I had grasped that Catholicism was true and thus I became a Catholic. Other turning points in my life were also predicated on that same reasoning. A intellectual pride that I was willing to change my current belief if given evidence for why I was wrong. I viewed my conversion almost in Pelagian terms without crediting really the sheer grace of God in all that he provided me. Now I can see it a bit more clearly in realizing the gift of faith while also seeing my own cooperation in responding to that grace.
Sounds about right to me. I've sometimes been accused of being irrational in my religious beliefs, but for me, it all came slowly as I studied, and in retrospect as grace acted. And I didn't like it very much at the time, not at all. And yet here I am, or really here we are.


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