Thursday, January 03, 2013

Intellectual Integrity

They don't have it.
In 2005, The New York Times somberly warned that the GOP’s “deeply misguided” attempt to change the Senate rules “poses a real danger of permanently damaging the system of checks and balances at the heart of American democracy.” This past November, the newspaper touted “A New Chance for the Senate”: Democrats, it said, “can vastly improve the efficiency of Congress and reduce filibuster abuse with a simple-majority vote. This time they need to seize the moment.”
Or from the other side
Seven years ago, the Heritage Foundation called for “ending the filibuster of qualified judges.” Now, Heritage deems the filibuster “the soul of the Senate” and attempts to reform it a “partisan power grab.”
Power is only good when you and your friends have it, otherwise it is evil and illegitimate, seems to be the message. For the record, I'm for the filibuster at all times. Efficient government is often the opposite of good government.

Thanks to Overlawyered for this one.

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