Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mark Shea vs the Combox

Mark Shea made the mistake of saying something nice about a chaste gay guy last week and the response has been a little ugly:
. . . has somehow transformed me into an apostate who is now “out of the closet” on my “support for homosexuality”.
So give him some loving, Also a nice quite about Ms. Fluke:
So, for the same reason, I object to Sandra Fluke simultaneously demanding I “stay out of her bedroom” and then force-marching me into her bedroom and putting a gun in my ribs with a demand to pay for her contraceptives. I would, in fact, *love* to stay out of her bedroom (in more ways than one) just as I would *love* it if the gay community would just get on with their lives and stop laboring to make me celebrate their disordered appetites as great and good.

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