Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Praise for Jesus

The book that is.

Borg is brilliant and challenging. His uncovering of the historical Jesus, a pre-Easter versus post-Easter understanding, may seem irrelevant to Biblical literalists, but for those with an open mind, this book may prove revolutionary. At least it did for me. So many Gospel stories that I struggled with, had difficulty reconciling with my personal experience and understanding of God and Jesus, were given radically new explanations that breathed fresh life into some of the tired and awkward explanations I had previously accepted. Borg espouses a sort of "Neotraditionalism" one that goes back to the roots of Christianity, seeking to understand who Jesus is as the disciples understood Him. The result is a striking emphasis on Jesus' humanity, but one that makes him seem all the more radical and relevant in today's world. Well worth a read, even if you disagree with some of Borg's assumptions.

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