Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not a good week to not kiss authority's butt

Upload a video to Youtube, get suspended from your school. Yay Soviet Canuckistan - don't question the almighty state!

But administrators at the Grade 12 student’s Whitby high school were so offended when they found the animations on YouTube last month, they sent him home and called the police. He is being kept out of school during the investigation.

Man that's a rough country. You upload some funny stick figures to YouTube and your school calls the cops.

Down to Florida - Feed the homeless, get arrested! There's no worse crime than giving food to the hungry.

Not to be outdone, the Miami Beach police try to destroy video evidence of their misconduct, but are caught on video doing it. Classic double fail!

Luckily, there is one win:

In AD 1775 War was Beginning.
John Hancock: What Happen?
Paul Revere: Somebody set us up the cannon!
British: All of your forts are belong to us! Ha ha ha ha!
Samuel Adams: Take off every HORSE!
Paul Revere: For great justice!

(for those not in the know about AYBABTU)

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