Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Feast of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

As I sit by the phone waiting for a call from the emergency room about my father, I finished reading Come be my Light, the book detailing the private writings of Mother Teresa, as preserved in the thousands of letters and notes she wrote. I have been reading this book for a couple months and it is appropriate I finish it this morning, the feast of Mother Teresa, and the day I am scheduled to enter into a religious community. With my father in the hospital I wonder if I will still be moving today, but all is in God's hands.

This book, and Mother Teresa's Secret Fire written by MC priest, Joseph Langford, have more than any other writings aside the Gospels themselves, influenced my spirituality and been a great source of strength. I encourage everyone who struggles with darkness, or feels called to serve the poor, to take a close look at the life and spirituality of Mother Teresa. Her mission of responding to "I Thirst" and a life of quenching the thirst of Jesus, is really a mission for us all. You would do very well to start with these two books.

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