Monday, August 02, 2010

Bait and switch

Hook 'em with the contest, then stick 'em with the lawsuit:

One afternoon, Duane P. Kerzic was arrested by the Amtrak police while taking pictures of a train pulling into Pennsylvania Station. At first, the police asked him to delete the images from his camera, but he refused. He ended up handcuffed to the wall of a holding cell while an officer wrote a ticket for trespassing.

. . .

“Finally,” Mr. Colbert reported, “Kerzic cracked and revealed the reason he was taking his terrifying photos.”

Mr. Kerzic appeared on the screen.

“The reason I was taking photos of trains is that every year Amtrak has a contest; it’s called ‘Picture Our Train,’ ” he explained.

Sounds like a good use of taxpayer dollars, right? Advertise a contest, and then arrest anyone who tries to participate. That's the way to root out all of those sneaky photographers.

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