Sunday, June 06, 2010

Daycare sexual abuse hysteria

I did not know about this, but apparently in the not too distant past many daycare workers were convicted of sexually abusing their charges under circumstances of extreme prosecutorial misconduct. Who needs witch trials?

And still ongoing:

“I believe I was possibly the victim of a perfect storm, as the children were as well,” Craft told Vieira. “One, there already were some friendships that were no longer friendships. Whenever there were certain situations between normal childhood behavior, pointing and touching, then my name immediately came up and got put into the mix. And then it turned into parental phone calls back and forth and even my name being brought up, ‘Did Miss Tonya do this?’ ”

In court, the children, whose stories were inconsistent, would admit that their parents had told them what had happened and they had repeated it.

It is quite scary that someone would use a personal vendetta to put someone in jail for child abuse. But such is man, I suppose.

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