Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book review - The Party System

Belloc and GKC's younger brother describe the ins and outs of the British political system circa 1910, and all of the various abuses that come about from having an ossified party system. Also interestingly, they note that the legislature is beholden to the executive, which is beholden to no one. It seems to me that the whole system worked better when the King was at war with Parliament, though that is not a point that they directly address. Secret party slush funds are identified as a major sore point, as they allow the parties to spend their way to victory.

I wonder if anyone has perspective on how functional Parliament is now, and how beholden it is to the parties?

The introductions by Ron Paul and Prince Sforza Ruspoli are somewhat disturbing, but easily skimmed over.

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