Saturday, May 22, 2010

The right to speak

Some would say that the good Cardinal Ouellet has no right to be opposed to abortion in cases of rape, having never been raped. Ok.

As a teenager Steenstra was the victim of a traumatic date rape that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy – a situation that led her to choose an abortion.

But this week Steenstra told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that, far from joining those politicians and media who have blasted the cardinal (in the case of one journalist, even going so far as to wish a “long and painful” death on the cleric), she would like to express her gratitude to him.

. . .

"I wish I had heard his message when I was a teen and was raped and then aborted my daughter,” she said. “I am deeply grateful to the Cardinal for proclaiming the truth that abortion, even in the case of rape, rather than helping the victim of rape, actually adds a second victim – the unborn child.”

I will now pay five dollars to any journalist who wishes a long and painful death on this woman in a major newspaper.


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