Saturday, January 02, 2010


Introductory paragraph from a meditation on wisdom by Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle:

Wisdom is a virtue which gives us knowledge of the most exalted things
through the most excellent principles so that we may act accordingly.
It differs from prudence for the latter merely presupposes a praiseworthy
end, whatever it may be. Whereas, wisdom considers directly its object,
and does so not only as good and praiseworthy but also as being very great
and important.
I have begun reading meditations on virtues of a good teacher by Saint Jean (he enumerates twelve virtues) and have come to the humbling conclusion that I am sorely lacking in most of these. It is a bit of a frightening revelation. Reserve, prudence, wisdom, these are not terms I would use to describe myself. Moreover, my education in science leaves me poorly educated in the areas of philosophy and morals. I don't have a good understanding of virtue in either the classical or Christian sense. I think I need to do more reading and meditating in this area.

I once more lament my poor catechism. I am so far behind! I only hope that someday I will have the luxury of taking a long break from this busy world and can afford to contemplate such things


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