Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nuns Dish it Up

A Taste of Heaven: A Guide to Food and Drink Made by Monks and Nuns,” by Madeline Scherb, those tourists may head for the gift shops first, to stock up on the wines, spirits, beers, cheeses, condiments and sweets, often from centuries-old recipes, that are made at many monasteries.

Ms. Scherb tells you who makes what at two dozen religious retreats in Europe and the United States, and includes recipes, like an unusual pear clafoutis baked with caramels from Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey near Dubuque, Iowa, and a hearty bacon and potato salad with tripel, a bitter ale, from Westmalle Abbey near Antwerp, Belgium.
I've had some pretty tasty food with religious, but usually in the quest of vocation, not vacation.

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