Saturday, November 14, 2009

The iPhone: A matter of priorities, you understand

A developer wrote an iPhone app which allows you to contact your elected officials, and included a sketch of each one to help the app stand out. Alas, Apple did not see things the way he did.

First of all, the caricatures are no more scandalous than what you might get for paying a street artist to sketch your face. But even beyond aesthetic quibbles about whether or not John McCain's forehead is drawn as “cartoonishly huge" or “insultingly huge," how is this any of Apple's business? This episode demonstrates once again how Apple is stifling the iPhone platform and alienating would-be partners by deciding to keep the gate, paternalistically levying arbitrary judgments about what users can handle. For whatever reason, Apple allows apps that fart, but disallows apps that help you get in touch with elected officials.

I don't really understand why you can't just go to the appropriate .gov website, but I see his point.

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