Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PATRIOTic votes

Feingold, one of only three Democrats to vote against the bill and a sponsor of the PATRIOT reform bill the JUSTICE Act, was left scratching his head over how a Democratic super-majority with a Democratic Administration could so thoroughly fail at reforming the PATRIOT Act, a law long maligned by Democrats as an affront to civil liberties.

. . .

Another sad but humorous moment of disappointment came from Senator Klobuchar, who opposed Senator Durbin's amendment to ensure that the FBI only use National Security Letters to obtain records related to a spy or terrorist. Thinking that she was reading the text of the bill that she was about to vote for, Klobuchar recited instead Senator Durbin's proposal to defend the reasonableness of the NSL standard in the bill. In other words, as the transcript reprinted here shows, Senator Klobuchar praised the NSL standard in Durbin's amendment immediately before she voted to help kill it.

Reality, as usual, is stranger than fiction.


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