Monday, March 23, 2009

Informed consent

"With the prohibition of access to the room where the child was, I found myself with the mother there in the corridor. Profoundly and visibly shaken by the situation, she explained to me that she had signed 'some papers over there'. The mother is illiterate and doesn't sign her name, having been called to place her fingerprints on the documents in question."

"I asked her about her thinking regarding abortion. Moved by a maternal sentiment marked by extreme concern for the child, she told me about her unfavorable position towards carrying out an abortion. This was also heard by Robson Jose de Carvalho, a member of our parochial council who accompanied us that day to the hospital...we went out, therefore, from the IMIP with a firm conviction that the mother of the child had showed herself to be completely unfavorable towards the abortion of her grandchildren, even stating that 'no one has the right to kill anyone, only God.'"

. . .

Fr. Rodrigues notes that, despite the fact that the father had not consented to an abortion, the social assistant informed the group that "based on the consent signed by the mother of the girl in favor of abortion, the medical procedures must be carried out by the IMIP within a few days. Without understanding well what was happening, I questioned the assistant about the legal basis for this. Although she wasn't a doctor, she gave us a rather difficult diagnosis of the child, according to her, based on medical opinion, although nothing had been given us in writing."

Indeed it does seem like there is some, I believe the word is, chicanery afoot.


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