Monday, March 30, 2009

I think there is a lesson here on the plain

Dubbed the "phantom of Heilbronn", the woman was described by police as the country's most dangerous woman.

Investigators had connected her to six murders and an unsolved death based on DNA traces found at the scene.

Police now acknowledge swabs used to collect DNA samples were contaminated by an innocent woman working in a factory in Bavaria.

In my life I have often been quick to jump for the most exciting answers rather than the more mundane and likely answers. It's more exciting to imagine that God has some plan for your life where you have to go to the Moon to save Earth from invading space monkeys. It's less exciting and infinitely more likely, as I believe Mark Shea once pointed out, that God's plan for your life is to set the dinner table for your family every night for fifty years.

We tend to be drawn to the flashy rather than the plain in work as well. Being a doctor is good. A youth who wished to skip college and become a carpenter or some such, I think, would be discouraged in many communities. Of course, with God being a carpenter and all that argument is a little hard to make with a straight face.

Perhaps striving for a simpler answer will also be more likely to yield a correct answer.

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