Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A little bit on the importance of "ritual"

Those who scoff the Law of Moses (Jewish or Gentile) say, “Does G-d really care whether you ….(eat the flesh of a cow or the flesh of a pig, turn a light on on the Sabbath or not, eat leavened or unleavened bread on Passover etc. etc.) These questions, or rather, this challenge to the validity of Jewish piety, is proposed even by religious Gentiles, even deeply religious Gentiles. The Jewish answer, of course, is that G-d cares very much whether we fulfill or do not fulfill the external acts He commanded in the Law of Moses.

An interesting little piece that explains why, for example, eating meat on Friday leads to . . . well I was about to type something rather vulgar here, but then my blog would be NSFW. How about we say, it leads to a marked decrease in prayer and piety.

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