Saturday, August 16, 2008

Because you can never have too many Rosaries

I have recently discovered the joys of hand-made Rosaries on Etsy.

A former spiritual director from my beloved Church in Oakland in directing me to pray the Rosary daily taught me that it was helpful to have a very beautiful Rosary with a nice feel to it, something that is a delight to touch and behold and you instinctively clutch. I thought his advice slightly silly at first, because isn't what's in your heart more important that what's in your hands when you pray? I heeded his advice however. I only had a very simple Rosary with small beads. It is a treasure to me because it was the same one I had since first communion and I had used it throughout childhood and still have it and treasure it. But I thought, perhaps it's time for an upgrade, since I was getting more serious about my Rosaries. So I went to Sagrada on Telegraph, which was in walking distance of my apartment. There I found a beautiful blue crystal Rosary, which had Marian medals as the Our Father beads. I immediately loved it and rushed to take it back to St. Margaret Mary's and have Fr. Wiener bless it. Since then it has been one of my primary Rosaries. But I have found keeping multiple Rosaries helpful. I keep one in room by my bed, one in the Chapel downstairs (I live in a convent of sorts), one in my car, one in my purse. I received a Rosary upon entering Operation TEACH and have in this past year acquired several more. One day I went to Church without a Rosary and a church-lady felt the need to press a Rosary that smells of roses into my hands. I went on a youth pilgrimage in downtown Baltimore on the eve of Palm Sunday and received a beautiful Rosary from the Knights of Columbus and had it blessed by the new Archbishop O'Brien.

I know some people simply count their Hail Marys on their fingers, and indeed there is something to be said for that. I however, have found having beautiful beads a helpful aide to the devotion. If there is something worthy of fine craftsmanship and art it is surely the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sometimes just holding a Rosary directs my thoughts Christ-ward and begins an unconscious praying.

So I am all in favor of beautiful Rosaries. If you want the recommendation of some good sellers on Etsy, just ask and I'll pass on some names. And if you want a Rosary, just ask, and I'll send one your way. :-)

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