Sunday, May 18, 2008

Creating Catholic Culture Tip #10 - Making the Sign of the Cross

Something to recall on this feast of the Most Holy Trinity:

"The word Catholic means "universal" and one of the most universal signs of the Catholic Faith is the sign of the cross. For most Catholics this most simple prayer and outward sign of our Faith is done daily but the history of the prayer and sign is unknown. Remember the Sign of the Cross is a prayer. We see the sign of the Cross most often as a introduction and closing to our prayers. Catholics love prayer so much they pray before and after they pray."
I teach science, but I think maybe I need to teach my students about the meaning of the cross as a prayer. It is used so often that they get sloppy with it (we all do). I have also noticed that some Protestant students will refuse to make the sign of the cross, perhaps because they were taught it is a sign of Catholicism. This is true, but maybe if I tell them that it was a prayer of the early Church fathers and has its roots in the Gospels, they will allow themselves to pray it.


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