Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOL of the day

From Lifesite:

Bonnie Scott Jones told the court of one of her clients, who had a late-term abortion by Tiller because her baby suffered from serious fetal anomalies. "I believe it is criminal and immoral that I, and other patients like me, should be subjected to the mere possibility that our private medical records become public," said an affidavit signed by one of Tiller's former customers, "Mary Moe." Mary Moe claimed that she obtained the abortion after discovering that her unborn child suffered a "rare and severe fetal anomaly that would ... result in the child living in a vegetative state, if at all." However, fetal anomaly is not a legal reason to obtain late abortion in Kansas.

"Bonnie Jones basically admitted in open court that Tiller gave one of her clients an illegal abortion," said Newman. "I found it shocking that she could describe in detail her client's reasons for having the abortion and not understand that. She is either grossly ignorant of Kansas law, or so arrogant that she does not flinch at admitting to the illegal abortion. Either way, it is obvious that the lawyers are more concerned with covering for Tiller than protecting patient privacy, or she would not have given so much medical detail in court."

One day I hope to have a big enough pair to admit in court that I've been committing various crimes but am still confident that the law doesn't apply to me.


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