Monday, November 12, 2007

Saudi king

King Abdullah and the Pope. Who would have guessed.

Of course, Mr. Friedman of the Times has his own comment:

I give King Abdullah credit, though. His path-breaking meeting with the pope surely gave many Saudi clerics heartburn. But as historic as it was, it left no trace. I wished the pope had publicly expressed a desire to visit Saudi Arabia, and that the king would now declare: “Someone has to chart a new path for our region. If I can meet the pope in the Vatican, I can host Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Shiite and Buddhist religious leaders for a dialogue in our sacred house. Why not? We are secure in our own faith. Let us all meet as equals.”

Somehow I'm kind of glad that this scenario didn't go down. It seems like it would have been a cause of some bloodshed, and perhaps the situation is not entirely symmetrical.

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