Thursday, November 29, 2007

Plug for prayers & charity as CRS responds yet again

As I am confined to be charitable here in Baltimore, and haven't much money to give, I often like to call on my my more financially endowed friends to remember to support those in need abroad.

Super cyclonic storm Sidr hit the coast of Bangladesh on Thursday, November 15. The government estimates the death toll to be 3,396, with another 4,123 people reported missing. According to the United Nations, over 366,000 homes were destroyed and a further 845,000 houses were partially damaged. Since the cyclone struck, Catholic Relief Services partner Caritas Bangladesh has distributed a five-day food ration to 23,500 families in 9 affected districts. While distributions of food and other necessities continue to take place, plans are now being made to help with house repairs, clear debris, clean ponds, restart schools, build more cyclone shelters and get people back to work.
Just a reminder to please remember those struck by disaster around the world in your prayers and to support CRS if you are able.

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