Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stem cells, but from adults

According to ABC News, the Pontiff made the remarks while greeting members of a conference organized by La Spaienza University about the use of adult stem cells to treat cardiac problems.

"On this matter the position of the Church, supported by reason and by science, is clear," said the Pope.

"Scientific research must be encouraged and promoted, so long as it does not harm other human beings, whose dignity is inviolable from the very first stages of existence."

Adult stem cells have already been used in a host of successful cures, whereas embryonic stem-cell research, which involves the destruction of live human embryos, has yet to be successfully used to treat any particular disease or illness. The Catholic Church has repeatedly expressed its approval of, and support for adult stem-cell research, and condemned embryonic stem-cell research as gravely immoral.

Not only are they moral, but they work better. Win-win.


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