Sunday, June 10, 2007

The homily today

It was pretty good, and it started with a story, which I will attempt to relate.

One day before people worried about cholesterol there was a farmer who wanted a hearty breakfast. He went out to the hen house to see if he could get a few eggs, and the birds were willing to part with a few, so he had his eggs. Then he went out to the pig pen and asked the pig for some bacon. The pig sat down and started pondering her response. The farmer said, what's the problem, the hen was very quick to give me the eggs, why won't you give me the bacon. The pig answered, well, it was pretty easy for the hen to give you the eggs, but for me to give you bacon requires total commitment on my part.

The point being, I think, that in the Eucharist, God totally commits to us, at least in a way we find understandable. I never read any of the Narnia books, but I think C. S. Lewis makes a similar point.

Though I do think that the comparison places the pig standing in for Jesus in the story, which does seem a bit unclean.

Total commitment. I guess we have to be willing to be eaten in return if we are to live up to our calling. Intense.

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