Sunday, April 22, 2007

Urgent Call for Volunteers!

Hey folks,

As many as you know I am finishing up my year as a Lasallian Volunteer. The Lasallian Volunteer program places college graduates in sites throughout the United States to do work in education with the poor. You live in community and work alongside other volunteers and the De La Salle Christian Brothers. The Christian Brothers are a religious order founded by St. John Baptist de la Salle (patron saint of teachers) to teach the poor. My volunteer work has taken me from my home in New York and placed me in Oakland, California working in an after-school educational center for middle and high school students. My year here has been wonderful, extremely fulfilling in many regards. It breaks my heart to leave, but I am going to continue with professional development in teaching by getting a masters degree.

I am posting to urge anyone who is graduating (or already has graduated) from college and is looking to do volunteer work to please consider the Lasallian Volunteers. Last year an unusually large number of volunteers stayed for a second year and are now leaving this spring, so there are still many openings yet to be filled. You need not have any experience in teaching, simply an open heart, willingness to live in community, and a desire to work with young people. I have had a wonderful and life-altering experience as a volunteer and encourage others to consider this program. I would be more than willing to talk with anyone about my experiences. Check the website out for details about the various sites around the country or how to apply.

If you can't consider volunteering at this time please keep the Christian Brothers, the current volunteeers, and the Lasallian mission in your prayers.

I thank you kindly.

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